February 6th, 2009

Foster care, repressed memories, delusions

I'm writing a story in which a young woman is made aware that she is repressing memories from childhood. She needs to seek out her mother for answers. Her mother is delusional.

Setting: Present day, USA. If a specific state matters (I didn't realize it would), then Kentucky I suppose.

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Thanks in advance!

A British man's office in WWII Hungary

Haven't Googled too much as I don't know what to look for! (And things I've found, like embroidery, seem generic.)

Situation: it's April 1944, so about 2-3 weeks after the Nazi invasion of Hungary. A British man has been working in a British-run school in Budapest for over a decade. The novel's opening scene takes place in his office; the other character is his Hungarian servant (female), who has burst in to tell him that the Nazis are at the door of the school.

I would like some way to show, through the way the room is decorated, that we're in Hungary. This could be as small as a few items sitting on bookshelves or the desk. As the British man is very interested in Hungarian culture, and has done a bit of traveling in-country, he could easily have 'peasant' items that would be dismissed by locals as not worth displaying.

Depending on what POV I tell the scene from, I can probably have the servant remarking on his Hungarian (i.e. he's clearly agitated as he's mispronouncing words), but I'd love some visual clues. Could even be a tray with his lunch on it, come to think of it.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Long-term, irreparable damage to the leg requiring a cane?

I'm working on a character (male, early thirties) who had to have suffered some sort of accident or disease -- preferably an accident, but a disease will be suitable if nothing else fits the bill -- during his mid-childhood that caused him permanent and irreversible damage to the right leg. I searched around Google ("Irreversible damage to leg", "cane use irreversible"), but the only things that were remotely helpful were medical journals.

So for all you medical junkies out there, here are some specifications.Collapse )