February 4th, 2009


Types of gunshot wounds

Setting is SFish (future in approx 100).

I'm working backwards here. I know what I want the results to be, but not how to cause them, so I'm after information on what type of injuries would give me these results & what they would look like to the other characters.

Character 1 is shot once, falls down and dies within a few minutes

Character 2 is shot during some sort of running gun fight (off stage) and he is injured in such a way that he will obviously die without medical assistance within a few hours, but he's currently conscious. Possibly as he fell e.g. from a shot was suppposed to bring him down, not kill him.

I hope that's not too vague. I am very out of my depth here :\

(Also bonus points for thoughts about the type of weapons that might involved.)

Edit: Happy with "Go look at www.reallyobvioussitethateveryonebutmeknowsabout.com" type answers