February 2nd, 2009

Buddhist morality re: evil past

So. Setting is Shadowrun (near-future urban fantasy, somewhere in the US), character's probably from Japan. I read the Wikipedia article on Buddhism, but didn't quite get enough from it, and this is perhaps a bit subjective anywho. I think I grok karma and the 5 precepts tolerably well, but may be missing some nuance on this one.

She's a Buddhist, though not a very good one. Her family was a criminal syndicate involved in, among other things, child prostitution, and they trained her as--in essence, a knife-wielding thug. At 18 or so, she killed whoever she saw as the worst offender, and left, though she's still basically a knife-wielding thug (for hire, now).

But what, from a religious/theological viewpoint, would she probably feel and think about her past? And is there anything she'd be particularly likely to do/not do/do differently because of this?
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I wanted to use an old Polaroid camera in a story I'm using, but then it occured to me - they seem to have pretty much died out. I thought I'd get some opinions here and see if there's no hope and I need to fudge it. I don't want this kid to stick out like a sore thumb... just to use this particular camera.

When was the last time you saw a Polaroid used? I haven't seen one in 7 years.

Do you know anyone who uses one regularly? I don't.

Finally... what would you think if you saw/met someone who used a Polaroid camera regularly?

(Yes, I'm aware that Polaroid has a new digital instant-print camera, which looks really, really cool - I'm talking about the old ones, with those really awesome and now iconic square-ish photos, that you had to shake.)

What would be really awesome is if someone on here happens to own one... :)

Can you see the North Star in Georgia in Winter?

Where: north-central Georgia, United States

I am writing the climax of a chapter that focuses on three guys looking at the North Star and I just realized, you can still see Polaris in winter in the Northern Hemisphere, right? As far south as north-central Georgia? They're on a low hill surrounded by pine forest far from any major settlement.

Searched: Polaris visibility January northern hemisphere; seemed to indicate yes, but low in the horizon.

EDIT: found the tag.

EDIT 2: The answer is yes, and thanks for the quick assurances.