February 1st, 2009

Severe Head Injury

WOW. I am SO GLAD I found this community.
Anyways, one of my characters was just knocked out in a boxing match. She also had a seizure a couple of minutes following the KO. I have some questions about head injuries.

1) When the Paramedic's come, what do they do if someone is unconscious? How long do they spend trying to wake them up? What if the person won't wake up? Is that even possible without being in a coma?

2) What steps will they take in the ambulance & at the hospital?

3) I want my character to remain unconscious for a little while but I'm struggling with exactly how long. I do NOT want her to be in a coma but I'm thinking the seizure would obviously indicate that something was seriously wrong to the point where the people taking care of her are nervous about her having brain damage but she ends up not having any.

4) So is it possible to have a seizure because of a head injury but NOT be brain damaged?

5) My character HAS had minor concussions before. Is it possible that the continuous concussions could be a factor in why she had the seizure after being knocked in the head again?

Thank you SO much you guys! I'm sorry if this is a lot but I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible!
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Famous Japanese actress, 2008

Hi, I hope somebody here can help. This would seem to be so easy, but since I know nothing at all about the subject it actually turns out to be quite difficult and confusing.

Timeframe: 2008.

I need the name of a very famous and respected, under-30, Japanese actress. It would be great if she were internationally famous, but her standing in Japan is more important. I've done lots of googling and found lots of actresses, but usually on their fan sites where, sure, people claim that they are phenomenally respected and acclaimed. I need something just a little bit less biased. So far, this site:
seemed to be the most promising, but my problem here is, I've never heard of these people so I still don't know how reliable that is. I've checked them all on wikipedia and dramawiki, but even so, I'd like some confirmation from somebody who actually knows something about the subject.

Terms used in googling are various combinations of: top famous japanese actress/es 2008

Many thanks in advance!

Edit: The very first reply made me realize that I should have mentioned I know about Horikita Maki and Toda Erika, and I can't use them. That's where my problem starts.
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Does octopus ink stain?

(Pacific tropical island, 1967.)

If you're in a marine tidepool alongside an octopus, and you accidentally startle it and cause it to ink, would the ink leave a stain on your skin or clothes? (The clothes in question are a pair of swim trunks, if that makes a difference.)

(If it helps, ink from the cuttlefish (a close relative of the octopus) is the source of sepia ink. Anyone have experience with that?)

From Google, I looked up "Does octopus ink stain?" and just "octopus ink," and at Wikipedia, I looked up "octopus" and "octopus ink". I didn't get any definitive answers, but I learned that octopus ink is composed largely of melanin, so I Googled "Does melanin stain?" At first, I thought I had answers, but then realized that most everything was referring to culture stains.

Shinto practices on burial

That, and bragging about the research I've done...

Visited:  religioustolerance.org, shinto.org, http://www.litesofheaven.com/shinto.html Shinto shrines both modern and historical, Buddhist temples both modern and historical (had a couple days in Kyoto recently), Japanese guide to explain some things.

I have a character whose generation is American, whose parents' generation is Japanese.  As I understand Shinto, there are few beliefs on the afterlife but that one of them holds that in order to have a peaceful afterlife one needs to basically have a peaceful death.  To let a family member die alone or in pain is to let that family member go to a bad afterlife.  (Unfortunately I've lost the link on that one.)

In my RPG one of the character's uncles defied his father/the NPC's grandfather and as a result ended up murdered, alone, by a third party.  I want to describe the family shrines in such a way that hints at the angst this creates in the family, maybe show that there's something different about this uncle.  I'm already fudging one detail--the shrines I saw in Kyoto did not include photographs of the deceased, and I was considering that.

Civil war US - acceptable age to start smoking?

I'm not really sure how to google for this, so any pointers would be helpful!
What was an acceptable age to start smoking in America during the civil war?
My character is originally working class (his parents had a homestead in Missouri), but he was orphaned and has been unofficially adopted by a doctor who is working as an army surgeon. The surgeon smokes a pipe. If my character takes up smoking cigarettes (hand-rolled) at the age of 15, is that going to cause outrage and shock? Is it going to be considered odd, or "common"? Or is it a perfectly repectable and normal thing to do?

And for your five point bonus, if someone who is suffering from (untreated) TB smokes a pipe, will that cause extra problems? I know one doesn't inhale pipe smoke, and the character in question (the surgeon, as above) is stil mobile; he's suffering some symptoms (night sweats, fatigue, bloody phlegm, weight loss, loss of apetite) but is still mobile and able to work, so he's not in the end stages yet. Googling for combinations of "tuberculosis" and "pipe smoking" brings up lots of news reports about transmission risks from water pipes and hookahs, which isn't very helpful.

Many thanks!

Teen In Prison

Hi All,
Originally, I was the poster asking for help on a teen in a mental hospital being isolated, but I've realized that that won't work for my story.
NEW Question: My teen girl from the U.S. during the present day needs to be in prison and needs to be allowed visitors, but only from behind a window/partition where they can see and speak to her but not touch her. What kind of crime would warrant such a sentence and what would the logistics involve (i.e., guards? time constraints? etc.).
Googled: "Teens in prison", "Prison" teens, "prison" isolation teens, etc. etc. Shockingly, I found absolutely NOTHING, so I must be a terrible searcher. Usually, I can find something at least remotely relevant, but not so this time.
Thanks in advance for any help,