January 24th, 2009

haiku impossible

All a medieval noble needs is...?

I'm sure I've come across some reference to the idea that all a (Welsh?) noble needs is his cloak, his harp, and his chess-board, or something of that sort. I may well have got at least one of the three wrong: googling those three, plus variants is finding me nothing (should you try, I'd recommend a "-potter" negative filter).

Can anyone fill me in on what the three things are, where the quote's from, and if I'm right that it's Welsh in origin? I'll have read it in English, not Welsh, but I can't remember where.

Edit: thanks, that was quick! I really should have thought of adding "triad" to the search myself. Looks like it has both Welsh and Irish origins, and they both agree.
pin up death ; sandman death

themes in classical music

So I'm working on a piece where the idea of storms and thunder play a key role. The main character is a musician, a pianist, and I'd really like him to be working on a piece of classical music that fit into the theme of the story. Unfortunately, I'm having a sort of hard time finding 'nature music' that fits the bill. So, in short? I'm searching for a classic piano piece that deals with storms/thunder either through theme or the feeling it invokes. Any suggestions would be great because as of now... I've got nothing.
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