January 23rd, 2009

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Motivation for creating art that decays

Time: Present Day, but with influence possible from any time or location in history.

What I'm looking for: Artists who work with media that doesn't last, eg food, sand, water-based paint outside, ice etc. What I'm actually interested in is their motivation for doing so and how it influences their ideas/themes etc, but at the moment I just need to find examples.

Have you been to an exhibition that had a fixed lifespan (not because it was then closing/moving, but because the objects on display would be destroyed at that time, either by nature or by their creator)?

At this point my research is pretty broad, so if it relates at all that's great.

Searches done: many variations on Art & decay; impermenant art; sand art; mandalas; ice sculpture; temporary exhibitions etc

EDIT: Guys, you and this comm are wonderful. You've given me so many fantastic ideas for directions to explore :D
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reasons for intersex or hermaphroditism

I am looking for a plausible reason for my character to be intersex. Characteristics I know: her sexual organs look normal, but at puberty her chest never developed and she has never menstruated. I was looking at CAIS, or complete androgen insensitivity syndrome, but am not sure I'm accurately describing her symptoms if that would be the case. Any help or advice anyone could give me in this would be appreciated.
I am also looking for other side effects that would come as a result of her condition, such as, for example, lack of sensitivity in her clitoris or whether or not she would discharge.
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Taking shoes off inside

No expertise needed here, just looking for opinions -

How customary is it to take shoes off inside a house in the US? I don't necessarily mean your own house, but more if you go to a friend's house. I'm Canadian, and maybe because of our weather, I would say that the default is to remove shoes or boots at the door, unless the host insists that it isn't necessary. But I've had American friends give me weird looks for this.

I'm looking especially at the US west coast, but information from anywhere in the States would be great.

(I've googled, but I found contradictory information - some Americans say of course, others say why on earth - so I'm hoping for more consensus here...)

ETA: Okay, definitely no consensus, but lots of data to work with! Thanks very much. I wanted my character to be a bit surprised/offended that he was expected to take his shoes off, but I don't think that will work. He's a fairly social, outgoing guy, so it seems unlikely that he wouldn't have encountered the custom at least somewhere before. It seemed like a few of you might be a bit uncomfortable, but mostly not offended or terribly surprised.

Thanks again for all your input.