January 22nd, 2009

Child escort services for travelling, or how to get a kid from Ottawa to Chicago

Setting: normal, everyday America/Canada, around 1999/2000

[ the information I'm looking for may be outdated in today ]
Searched: 'children travelling alone', 'children travelling alone from Canada to America in 2000', 'toddlers on air planes', 'toddlers air travel 2000', and a variety of the above. I have looked at Aircanada.com's current policies, where I was informed that: booking for a child travelling alone (age 5 to 11) is the youngest I can go.

I have also looked at the travel information at Greyhound.ca, where I found: Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by someone age 15 years or older. An unaccompanied child is a passenger between the ages of eight and 14 years old [...].

I want: simply put, I need to get a three-year-old boy from Ottawa to Chicago, either by bus or by plane or, if that fails, in a friend of the family's car.

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Epidemic that wipes out large percentage of human population

Time: Ideally 5-15 years in the future.

Setting: Worldwide

Searched: "Epidemic" "Transmission" "Virus" "incubation" "infectious diseases" and other subcategories in these fields.

What I'm looking for- any sort of sickness that can dispersed among the major populations of the world and wipe out most of the people within a short time period. I would prefer it be so deadly that people who contract it in the first round die fast enough not to spread it to people who survive- or at least their remains/ the area would not be too dangerous to survivors.

This is going to be planned event with people who don't mind giving their life for their cause(it's going to be a case of an extremist environmental plot to take out most of humanity). Money and man power are not really a problem- it's a big organization of powerful people.

If I have to have a yet uninvented disease that will do, but I'd rather have something semi-realistic. I was thinking some sort of airborne virus, but diseases are not really my area and I've got no clue where to go besides basic searches that are not coming up with what I'm looking for.

Edit: to correct spelling mistakes made when I posted in such a rush. Sorry!
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Inca Sexuality/GPS.

Searched terms: Inca, sex, fertility, sacrifice, gods, myths, agriculture,

Setting: Now.

This is a bit of laziness on my part for which I apologise. And despite the title I am not actually looking for some sort of voyeur spy satellite.

I have two questions. First. I'm looking for some sort of reference I can use as a metaphor for the gentleman's trouser friend in Inca mythology (or daily life). I don't know enough about the society to know which bits the searches turn up will be useful. And I don't really want* to read reams and reams for a throwaway reference as I am easily distracted enough to start off with. Any pointers would be gratefully received.

Secondly, and I haven't searched this as it only just occurred to me. Still, while I'm here...

If Mr X is in the back of beyond in South America and using a laptop to talk to someone in England via webcam: Would he have a limited window of opportunity or is satellite coverage across the globe pretty much universal now?** If there is a window, (roughly) how long is it?

Thank you for your time.

(Sorry if any rules have been bent.)

*Well, I do. But if I do I will never finish what I'm up to.
**If he can. If he can't then I am going to close my eyes and pretend I never read about it.
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Fine luggage in 1946

I need to name-drop a brand or name of luggage that would mark one of my characters as wealthy in late 1945/ early 1946. The setting is, the character is a young man who has accompanied his BFF/war buddy on the latter's train trip home. The buddy is fresh home from the war and stopped by my character's upper-middle-class Westchester County NY house before heading home to Oakland, CA. My character decides to go with him. The buddy is hauling around his Army duffel. In contrast, my character has packed a pair of [name dropped brand] suitcases. I'm hoping not to do the obvious like Vuitton or something.

I've searched "vintage suitcases" and "fine luggage", but for such a small detail I'm hoping the comm has more interesting (and period-appropriate; I get a lot of earlier-period-type models) results.