January 20th, 2009

Calculating for weapon recoil compensation

Hi all. I've got a character in a soft sci-fi universe using a Humongous Robot (TM) equipped with a powerful energy beam-type weapon. The weapon's main drawback is that it requires the mech to be locked down and stationary while it charges and fires to compensate for the recoil. My character is trying to come up with a way to utilise the weapon while the machine is in motion so that he's not a sitting duck while the thing's charging up.
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Rehab/therapy for paralysis

I've googled/wikied terms like "paralysis", "paraplegia", and "physical therapy" and read a lot of great stuff, but I need some help figuring out things.

My character is a teenage boy who's a paraplegic, his paralysis is from the waist down. I'm trying to figure out a timeline for his past, and so I want to see what amount of time he'd have spent in the hospital after his accident, in a rehab center, and then how regular he'd do physical therapy.

Edit: He was almost 16 when the accident happened, and that was about eight months ago. He fell down a flight of stairs at home. I haven't figured out a specific spot for the injury, but it's fairly low on the spinal cord, he isn't having problems above the waist. And his family is middle class so not a ton of money. And this is present day.