January 15th, 2009


Homeless shelters

When: Now
Where: Gotham City so either NYC or Chicago or really any big urban US area.
Searched: Homeless shelters, homeless shelter operations, homeless shelter experience- which garnered a of of articles about volunteering.

What I'm looking for is insight on what you would experience as a client of a homeless shelter (or as a detective undercover in one.) Nitty gritty details would be greatly appreciated.

USA taxes as pertaining to independent contractors - pro wrestlers

Setting: Now, United States of America, and to pinpoint it even further, somewhere in Detroit, Michigan.

I have a professional wrestler attempting to do his own taxes. (Oh yeah, I write interesting stuff.) The main point holding me back is I’m Australian and am fairly immersed in the Australian tax system. Prepare for half a book of questions for two throwaway lines.

Basically – C is ruled an independent contractor, contracted to one large national organisation where he gets paid either per appearance or with a downside guarantee - I get conflicting reports about each. He also has an agent who books him out to other businesses with an agreed-upon sum per appearance.

I cannot figure out for the life of me how his income and tax situation works. The info I get on independent contractors says they do not have tax withheld by an employer. Would he then pay something to the IRS every few months (as somewhat the equivalent to Australia’s PAYG system) or pay a lump sum towards the end of the financial year?

Would he have to keep records regarding which appearances he does outside his main job and how much he gets paid for each of these, or does each company using his services report his income/their expense to the IRS? With this I have found “any company that pays more than $600 to an independent contractor in one year is required to report this to the IRS as well as to the contractor” (like the Australian group certificate, yeah?) - would these come at the end of the financial year or upon completion of each appearance with each company?

Independent contractors can apparently write off safety gear and tools – as a pro wrestler, could C attempt to write off things like knee braces and elbow pads? Could he go as far as writing off his tights and boots? He also has a lot of travel, meaning gas, hotel stays, flights, possibly car rentals: anything here he’d be thinking of writing off?

Searched combinations of the following, plus Wiki’d each of these terms: United States taxes, independent contractor, independent wrestler pays, wrestling/wrestler taxes, tax purposes pro wrestling, comparison Australian United States tax systems, financial year, IRS withholding, tax withholding United States, employees vs independent contractors. Different term suggestions would be awesome, as anything more technical might just make my eyes roll back in my head.

Thank you!

Looking for French medieval painting

I've seen this a few places, but I can't seem to find it after several hours of searching, and I thought there might be an art history buff here who might recognize this.

The painting (it could be a line drawing) is of French peasants sleeping around a wood stove with their sheep and pigs. I'm pretty sure it's from the early medieval period.

I've Googled everything from "french medieval art" to "sleeping with animals" (which wasn't as horrid as I thought it would be).

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance!

ETA: In the picture, the people are inside the house with their animals. One woman (?) has her head on an animal's back, I think a pig.

ETA2: Although this is not the picture (nor is it medieval), this is the general idea (and is really close to the one I'm thinking of!):

ETA3: It's a black and white line drawing, very similar to this one. The woman in front is facing the other way from the man in this one, and I believe is also lying on the back of a pig. The features are much less finely drawn than this. I originally thought it was French, but it could be Russian. I don't know enough about art history to be sure.

The woman had a kerchief tied around her head, and very plain dress; these peasants look dressed up in comparison.
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When were pigs introduced to the Phillipines

I know that wild pigs are native to the Philippines, but I'm trying to find out if pig farming was introduced by the Spanish, and if so, when.   Would it be plausible for a native Filipino kid to grow up on a pig farm in the late 1500s?

Googled: various combinations of pigs, pig, agriculture, farming, Philippines, Filipino, Spanish, 1500s, etc.  
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For those who work at hospitals...very specific questions...

This is an extremely specific scenario I am writing, one that I haven't the first clue how to Google or look up on Wikipedia. And I don't know any doctors or medical professionals. I'm hoping some people who work at hospitals can answer this. Here's the situation:

Character A has just been in a minor car accident, just bad enough to get him into the emergency room but not bad enough that he'd have to be in the hospital for more than a couple days or so. (He drives his car into a tree.) He was driving in his pajamas so doesn't have any insurance or other info on him and he's suffered a concussion so he's not lucid. He has his cell phone on him so the hospital calls Character B because he's listed as an emergency contact on the phone. Character B is not family, just a friend.

The question is this: what would be the protocol for this situation? Obviously they'd want character B to provide insurance information, right? But what kinds of paperwork would he have to fill out? Would the doctors or nurses or whoever talk to him about his medical condition or would they just want him to contact someone who actually was family so they could take it from there? What other regulations, etc., would Character B have to face in this situation? Thanks to anyone who can provide answers!

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to specify that this takes place in modern-day America, in the Midwest.