January 10th, 2009


Napkin Dolls

This may be an odd request but, has anyone ever heard of a napkin doll? Is there such things? I guess its just a doll made out of napkins. I might be making this up but if anyone knows about them or can find anything on them for me that would be great. It's probably a long shot...and I've googled napkin dolls. And if you no one knows anything about that is there any kind of dolls that can be made easily from cloth? Thank you so much, you guys were such a great help last time!

Hallucinogens & 1872 Sailing Protocol

Setting: Spanish sailing ship, 1872

My character is (mildly) hallucinating aboard the ship her father packed her up on. I was thinking someone putting something like LSD into her food. Her father is a wealthy merchant, and one of the men aboard the ship wants to make everyone think she's crazy (could maybe infect them?) so he can take her back to shore and ransom her but I know it's too early for LSD (first synthesized 1938).

I'm also questioning whether she could actually be taken back to shore at all, since the ship has set sail, or would they just lock her in a cabin until they got across the ocean?

I googled LSD alternatives, LSD alternatives late 1800's, natural LSD alternatives, late 1800's ship protocol, hallucinating on late 1800's ship. I'm obviously not a google master...

Thanks in advance for the help!