January 7th, 2009


Severe Burns to 25 year old male

What I've searched: various combinations of severe torso burns, burns to body, body set on fire, burn rehabilition, healing from severe burns, etc.
What I've found: Ailsa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (and associated links), burnsurvivorsonline.com (which has a lot of what I've been looking for), this pdf, the National Institutes of Health website, and the information which is already here on Little Details.
Where: The UK, present day

I've got a young man, aged about 25. He's quite fit and healthy. He is involved in an accident which causes severe burns to most of the front of his torso down the left hand side, his left thigh, his left arm and up as far as the left side of his neck as far as his ear, with a little bit of scarring on the left cheek. It's a combination of second and third degree burns over about 40% of his body.

I'm wondering what his rehabilitation would involve. How long he would be likely to have to stay in hospital for? How would the burn scars affect the mobility of his arm and leg? (I imagine that the skin there would be tighter than the rest of his body).

Also I've been reading/looking at the pressure dressings which are used to help the skin heal smoothly I've seen them for arms and 'vest's for bodies, would he have something like that for his leg as well? Or are they designed to fit the individual? What about the scar on his face and neck?

I've not yet decided whether or not he's had any fingers amputated on his left hand, but what challenges is he likely to face when he leaves hospital (he's moving in with his father), including those which he might face having lost some fingers, but also just day to day things around the house/going out/whatever.

Thanks in advance.
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Flower Symbolism

I am looking for resources on Flower Symbolism. I have Google'd myself out. All I keep finding is webpages on buying flowers with tiny paragraphs of meanings and how to arrange flowers for weddings. Or old webpages with messy html.

I am looking for symbolism and meanings of flowers; such as poppys stand for sleep or dreams. More mythology baised, and less um, look at our webpage and buy our flowers. Any webpages, books you might know of, would be a great help.