December 31st, 2008

Actors: Matt Damon and Monica Bellucci, Corlionis: Gino and Elisa

Endearments in Italian

Just what the subject line says. I'm looking for endearments in Italian and how they translate in English, so I can try to fit them to scenes. I don't imagine all the ones in English translate well to Italian. Collapse )

Searched "Italian endearments"; found this post in and other general pages and forum posts, but as the linguaphiles post says, it depends on region and characters' personalities. Appending "brother", "sister", "wife", "husband", "child", and "mistress" got me largely general answers ("amore" and "tesorina", for instance) and, at one point, erotica. (The erotica was from "Italian endearments brother"; I didn't look beyond the Google snip.) I trust this community for more specifics, though. I'll probably also ask linguaphiles, but I always find this a good place to start.

I'll be gone for most of Wednesday on flights, but I'll reply to comments sometime Wednesday night.
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Useful site

For those who haven't stumbled onto this yet: lists a variety of "ask an expert" sites, such as "ask a scientist" and "ask an expert on teenage health issues."

Classified Thesis Research

"Mortal Turpitude" working title.

The story subplot involves a graduate student whose work leads to something that could be used to build a biological weapon. The work is done under loose, academic security conditions until the govt steps in and classifies it, rendering the thesis unpublishable under the rules of the university. Under Presidential Executive Order 12958 (Clinton) the govt can do this if they paid to have the work done, ie, a research grant.

Some schools allow classified thesis work, others don't, others only if there's enough unclassified data to make a passable thesis.

Anyone know any details, or any person who's been caught in this trap?

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