December 29th, 2008

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Regency: Younger lady's companion for older unmarried woman

The year is 1813. I have an unmarried rich 28 year old woman who lives with her mother and is too sick to go out into society. She has a 20 year old cousin by marriage, less well born and not rich. I wish for the cousin to move in and become a friend and helper. (She had a companion but she died)

EDIT: Answers in brackets

What would the cousin's position be? Would she be a companion? Is that acceptable when the companion is younger? (Yes) Afaict the two reasons a companion was usually older was for education and as a chaperone, both of which are unnecessary. Would it be ok if she was just a friend or would it be expected than an actual companion was hired? What if the mother dies?

If they do unexpectedly go out into society, would the older woman be an acceptable chaperone(No), or would they need someone married or older still? (Yes) Is there a rough age when spinsters were considered old enough to be chaperones? (Well over 28?)

EDIT: So it's ok for her to be a companion, but they'd need a married female friend/relative as a chaperone if they ever went to a ball or something. Yes?

I haven't been able to find any information not contained in the wikipedia page on Lady's Companions, searching for "Lady's companion" and "Lady's companion regency" gets me redundant information and lots of creepy dating ads :/ The tags here didn't seem to have anything either.
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Soldier Mentality/Child Soldier/Military Experimentation

Setting: Space colony, roughly 300 years in the future, though life on Earth doesn't seem to be terribly different than modern times.

Search terms used: Child soldier + psychology/mentality, military psychology, soldier mentality, military experimentation, psychology/military tags in this community.

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There are a few questions here.

1) At such a young age, what would military training be like?

2) What sort of experiments would be likely to break this character? The scientists are setting out to make superior soldiers, so they wouldn't be out to deliberately break their subjects.

3) After escaping, how strongly would the "soldier mentality" stick? If it matters, he joined a peacekeeping organization that intervenes (sometimes violently) in armed conflict, with the aim of eradicating war.

Thanks for the help!