December 21st, 2008

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Various questions

Hey guys, any answers or googling tips for these questions would be much appreciated. The setting is London, 1976.
  • If a bunch of punk bands wanted to play a festival, which parks might they be able to play in? I know Rock Against Racism was held in Victoria Park, but are there any others?
  • What would be the brand/name of a cheap reel-to-reel camera at the time?
  • Would it be realistic for squatters in London at this time to have any of the amenities (I'm thinking running water, heat, electricity, a telephone) or was that just not possible?
  • If a man rescued a boy from the train tracks in King's Cross Station and then handed the boy to a doctor and slipped out before anyone could talk to him, would the police want to find him, or would they not care?

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1920's slang/terms of endearment and the historical viability of committed gay couples.

Two questions for an RP!

1. So I have a character in the 1920's. He's an Irish ex-pat in England with a new boyfriend. He currently works in a circus and goes to jazz clubs, so even though he's a bit naive, he's certainly not a quality English speaker and would use slang - lots of it. Now I've found plenty of ideas of what slang he'd use, based both on him being Irish and being in a circus band, but what a lot of slang doesn't cover is terms of endearment. I just feel like those must come and go out of style the way all slang does. Was there also less of a sort of ick-factor when using them back then? I have a feeling (though no reason to back it up) that calling someone "dear" or "honey" would be considered less icky-cutesy the way we would consider it today.

I'd also like to avoid Gaelic endearments, if you don't mind. My character DOES speak Gaelic (not well, but he speaks it), but he would only call his boyfriend those things when they are very, very, very alone. To him they're much more private than the endearments he hears slung around casually in English by couples he knows from around the circus. It's more like SUPER SECRET PRIVATE BOYFRIEND CODE. (Not, of course, that there's a real public he can call his boyfriend any of these things, because it's the 1920's, but they do have a few refuges and moments alone that are light instead of emotion-laden that I would like to be able to have him use these in.)

2. SPEAKING OF BOYFRIENDS. I've pretty solidly researched these two's future after they leave the circus. I know they move to Berlin until late 1938, when they move back to England and live with Davey's (my character) brother and his family. After the war, they move to Harlem and live there for the rest of their lives. But they are, during this entire time, very much together. In pre-war Berlin this obviously is not an issue - there are parts of the city where they could walk around holding hands and no one would so much as bat an eye. The fact that they live together in one of the gayer sections would be, as far as I know, pretty unremarkable. It's after Berlin that I have some issues. I've read up a lot on what it was like for gay men in the places they go on to live, but mostly this tells me about single gay men who weren't in life-long relationships and how they hooked up. My theory is that during WWII, since they were living with Davey's brother and his wife and kids (because they were too old to go to war and had various medical reasons), they'd be pretty safe. They'd have the excuse that Freddy (the boyfriend) was an old, dear friend with no family, that he was like another brother to them, that yes it was cramped to have him and Davey live in the part of their house they usually rented out, but it was family and since Freddy and Davey were roommates it would be fine. That's what I'm hoping, anyways. Would it have been fine? I know there was a lot of homophobic mania about secret gays being everywhere, but if you had family covering for you, it would look innocent enough, right?

The other issue I'm having is in New York City. I don't know what area they'd live in, first of all. It needs to be LGBT friendly, obviously, or friendly enough to accept that they're "roommates" (wink wink). It needs to be close to an area where there would be jazz clubs (since Freddy is a jazz musician) and it also needs to be in a family-friendly enough neighborhood that Davey could viably make money as a piano teacher. It would be an EXTRA bonus if they lived close to a large Jewish area (but my dad, who grew up there around that time, says that there were large Jewish communities in pretty much every part of the city), because the reason they move to NYC is their downstairs neighbors from Berlin moved there after the war and could set them up there. And once they got set up in whatever part of NYC they get set up in, how gay-friendly would that part be? I mean, I know there was lots of queer culture, but did queer culture include two middle-aged to elderly dudes who just wanted to take a walk in the park and play their music? They'd be pretty much too old to be into the whole bar-hopping party scene at all. How much of their lives would they just be "roommates" and at what point would they sort of drop that act?

Thank you SO MUCH in advance!
flapjack joy

Limited Sunlight Child development

Terms googled: lack of sunlight development, lack of sunlight child development, housebound lack of sunlight
Time period: nowish
Place: England (not specified where exactly)

I have a character who is 6 years old and allowed outside only a couple of times a month, more in winter. The house she lives in has big windows and she has a healthy varied diet. So she isn't deprived completely. How badly would her relative lack of sunlight affect her growth and development? What health issues would she have later on?

I know there's a lot online about Fritzl's children but they were deprived of sunlight all together, and the Flowers in the Attic kids were also deprived more drastically than my character.

I read about an impaired immune response, how drastic would that be?

If there are variables I can add into my story that mean she isn't affected too much, that's my ideal, so I'd like to hear those. I don't want to be totally unrealistic though.

Related: If these problems can be remedied by a herbal supplement, which one/ones would it be? It needs to be herbal, if it doesn't exist I can invent a magical one but a real one would be useful.

Is It canonical?

Search terms:cats+batman (lots of hits about Batman and Catwoman), Talking cats+ DC Comics, Magic+DC Comics, Magic+ Batman, talking cats+ batman.
Nolen movie Batman

How badly off my rocker would I be to have a Mary Sosume with a cat that talks to her, but nobody else? Has there ever been real magic/ESP/thaumaturgy in the Batman universe?
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