December 17th, 2008


adoption records - sealed even if abandonment?

Setting is the state of NJ, present time. I have a character who is trying to find information about his adoption that would have occurred in 1988.

What happened in the story is that he was abandoned as a baby at a church and was then adopted through a Catholic agency. Everything I've read online has shown that the Catholic agencies are big on keeping adoption records sealed and secret(To the point of fighting against any law that pops up in legislation to open said records).

What I need to know is if this is true even if they have no information on who the birth parents are? Would they tell my character that he was an abandoned baby?

I'd be grateful for any help.

Buried cans in Dartmoor

Setting: present day
Location: Dartmoor, England (Begins in MortonHampstead)

My character is taking a driving tour of the area. I took one a few years ago but there's some information I can't recall.

My guide said something about soldiers camping there for some reason--I'm thinking it was WWII. Anyway, the important detail concerns the soldiers leaving and burying cans of food before they did, which the locals dug up.

I can remember my guide talking about that, but I don't remember the surrounding circumstances.

I've googled various combinations of dartmoor and tin, tins, tinned, food, buried, soldiers, but haven't come up with anything.

Does anybody happen to know about this?

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Chinese people born abroad

Setting: 2005-2008, fictional city (North America?)
Googled: "chinese born in" + "america", "canada", "overseas", etc. + "slang"

Is there any slang for a Chinese person born outside of China/HK? I know of ABC/BBC/CBC (American/British/Canadian-born Chinese) but I'm looking for something that doesn't specify the country that they're born in, since my story takes place in a fictional city which I don't plan to reveal the country it's in XD(for sake of simplicity regarding laws and stuff).

Whether or not it's a degrading term doesn't matter, but it would be very helpful. =]
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