December 9th, 2008

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'Typical' martial arts workout

Setting: post-apocalyptic future world

Googled: martial arts (way too much info); martial arts workout (too much tai-bo type stuff); typical martial arts workout (useful, but I want MORE)

I want to have two characters engage in an outdoor, in-the-rain martial arts workout.  I think it'll just be a mixed martial arts type thing, with more emphasis on getting the job done rather than the spiritual or philosophical side of things.  (The characters are essentially mercenaries, not upper-class warrior-types). 

One of the characters is bigger, older and more experienced, the other is younger but has been raised in the lifestyle and well-trained.  Both are male.  Essentially, I'd like to write a scene that shows how tough and well-trained the younger one is.  The two have just met recently, so the older doesn't know what to expect.  
I have a lot of little questions.  I'll number them so they're easy to answer, but I'd be happy to get any answers that address the general issues as well.

1.  What would be a typical two-person workout?  I think they can do cardio and strength on their own, so, I'd like it to be mostly sparring, if that's realistic. 

2.  Would they start with stretching, or does that come after the muscles have been warmed up? 

3.  One of the sources that I read said that it's best to train at 100% power, but with 100% control - the partners should hit hard enough to hurt, but not hard enough to injure.  This fits in with the general vibe of the scene I'm trying to set, but is it realistic?

4.  How long is it realistic to spar for?  If the partners are fairly evenly matched, would it be a series of short interactions, or would it be a longer sequence?

5.  Can anyone suggest any moves or terms that I could use to make this feel more authentic?  Is there anything specific that the older guy might be looking for, if he was evaluating the younger?  Any weaknesses that come with age that the younger might be able to exploit?  (the older guy is late 30s early 40s, so he's not exactly decrepit).

Thanks so much for any help!