December 7th, 2008

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Books without family

Period: Modern day
Place: England
Googled variants of: Suitable reading for bright 6 year old
6 year old reading

I have a character who is 6 years old and being raised by a carer who is of no relation. She is looked after very well but her carer does not want her to find out about the more important aspects of a "normal" life.

She knows there are other little girls and other people outside of her house/garden (where she is allowed) and she knows that they go to school. These things aren't problematic because she's been raised with the mindset that other people are very dangerous and unhealthy.

My only problem is I want her to be an enthusiastic reader, and I can't think of many books suitable for a 6 year old that have no mention of family. Things like the Very Hungry Caterpillar are hardly going to hold the interest of a bright six year old for very long

I've googled a lot of variants of the above and found this page which has exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for but I remember reading a lot of them as a child and they all have mention of family. Maybe The Twits by Roald Dahl but I'm sure the children those characters terrorize run home to their mothers at some point in the book and questions of what a mother is are distinctly unwelcome.

Any ideas as to what she could be reading or even finding out if it would be even feasible for her to have a large collection of books that aren't to do with family are really appreciated.

I've a feeling I may have to change this = /

Edit: Thanks guys. I'm just going to have her make up her own stories and read a lot of non-fiction. It was too much to hope enough people had omitted families for me to make a large collection.
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Sunlight and plants

Setting and Time: Um. Far future. Super technologically advanced beings want to block the sun, but let plants grow.

Search terms used: "plants in darkness" "what makes plants grow" (yeah, like that one helped), "plants photons" "photosynthesis" "plants uva" "plants uvb". I also looked up plants, photosynthesis, photons, sunlight, ultraviolet light, and light on Wiki.

Can a plant grow without sunlight? If the plant has UVA/UVB rays (hell, UVC as well), will it still grow?

I have a very small understanding of physics, and most of the websites say that the plant needs photons. Do photons have to consist of visible light?

I'm not sure if I'm even asking the right questions. I just need to know what part of sunlight a plant uses. Plz halp.

EDIT: You all have been extremely helpful very quickly. I believe I have what I need, so thank you all very much.
PS I now know more about photosynthesis than I ever wanted to know.
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