November 27th, 2008

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Getting an education as a teacher in Toronto in the 1920's

Setting: Toronto in the early 1920's

My main character is a young woman who grew up in the countryside, but moves to Toronto to get an education as a teacher. It seems like she could've gone to the Toronto Normal School.

I want to know:

1) Would she have had to pay fees to attend school? (She doesn't have a lot of money, so that would be an issue.)

2) What social class did women (and men) who became teachers come from? Would they have been mainly middle class or working class?

Research: I've been reading a very interesting book called "Toronto's 'Girl Problem': The Perils and Pleasures of the City 1880-1930", by Carolyn Strange, and it's given me lots of information on single working women in Toronto during that period, but not precisely on this. On Google, I've tried variations on '1920's, teacher, social class, canada' and 'school fees "toronto normal school"'. Arrgh, I'm probably missing something.
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The long-term effects of post-death symptoms

Setting: Modern-day times. 1998 - 2001, if it's any relevance.

Okay, I have a character in my novel who is resurrected shortly after death. I am familiar with the various biological stages which occur postmortem, from pallor to livor mortis. A technical question I had is, if her heart spontaneously starts beating and her brain spontaneously begins normal activity, what would be the physical ramifications of her returning to life?

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Sure, she gets ressurected, but I want the effects to be scientifically plausible. xD

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Primary School registration in Gloucestershire

Googled: Gloucestershire primary school registration
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What would be the proper time frame and procedure for registering a child in primary school in England, particularly in Gloucestershire (if there are any regional differences). Mainly, what age would the kid need to start school, and what paperwork and documentation is needed?

ETA: So, it seems as though registration can be a bit of a lengthy process. In my story, the kid in question is six, so he would have already started school. What would be the process taken in the event that he started school whilst in Somerset with his mum, but circumstances required a sudden and unexpected move to Gloucestershire with his dad?