November 25th, 2008

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Bullet wounds from a Thompson sub-machine gun

Scene: New York, 1940s

Googled: tommy gun effects of bullet wound

One of my characters is one of four shot with a Thompson sub-machine gun from several metres, taking two bullets in the leg.  So far I've got him as the sole survivor of the attack (not counting the assailant, who our man knee-caps before passing out) and he keeps the leg but so far has to get around with the aid of a cane.

I found some interesting information about British World War One-era Tommy guns in, especially the bit about bullets travelling along the bone, but I am not sure this is what I am after; did the "Chicago Typewriter" have the same effect?  Or would the spray of bullets have simply torn a man's leg off?  (The info on British WWI Tommys was the only info I could find directly relating to this).  It's not important to the plot that he keeps the leg - either way he's vengeful and really pissed off as a result of his affliction.

Western/Midwest US geography

I started writing this story without taking real-world geography into consideration, and now I've painted myself into a bit of a corner. This one detail in itself isn't all that important to the story, but I need it nailed down in my head for my own sake and to avoid a bit of a rewrite.

Situation: My characters are going on a road trip to someplace (the place I need to find/see if it's even plausible) that's a roughly 9-12 hour drive northeast-ish from Pasadena, CA (I was thinking Utah, maybe?) where the MC's family member has a lake house, or a house with a swimmable pond on the property.

I've realized I have no idea how to look up if this is even plausible, and if so, where it would be.

Does this work?

Or do I need to change the road trip to a plane trip, then figure out why the hell the MC's family is paying to fly four other people out there?
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1940s Romanization of a Chinese name

I have a "how do you spell...?" question.  I'm working with an American pronunciation of a Chinese name, dating from 1947.

What I need:

*The typical English spelling in the 1940s for the name that sounds like Koo Jee Kang when said by various Americans.

What I know:

* I am informed that in modern pinyin this name would likely be Ku Je Kang.

Previous searches: Due to the nature of this request, Google isn't much help. I've enquired of a friend who has studied Chinese and visited China; I've also reviewed the pinyin article on Wikipedia.

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Life as a big guy

Setting: Modern day Washington State small town in the mountains, with magic.

I'm developing a 1st person mc who is about 6'3', maybe 230 lbs, a burly mixed race guy in his twenties, with several younger sibs and a mom who is known as the town crazy. I happen to be of a very different body type, and I don't have anyone of this body type to ask. What is it like to be built like a lumberjack? Do people assume things about him, that he's dumb, likes to fight, that the pudge around his gut is a beer gut, etc? Are girls attracted to him, scared, dismissive? As he's straight but shy, how does he feel about girls? Assuming that he works out regularly (runs, a little weights), what would be his strengths and weaknesses physically? How does it feel to move inside his body, is everything built for smaller people? What things are easier or harder for him to deal with? I'm not looking for hard facts so much as a feel for the physical presence of the guy.

I searched for terms including 'burly man' 'body types' 'tall men' and assorted others, and got mainly porn or diet sites.
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Single word for objects of religious importance?

I've been trying to google this but I'm not even sure where to begin. my religious organization in my fic has a ceremony that involves imbibing a holy liquid. My googling efforts have told me that the the ceremony itself is a sacrament, but the liquid would not be.

Is there a certain name for items (as a collective, not something like chalice, altar, wine, or whatever) used in religious ceremonies? I've also googled Relics, but that's not the term either, have tried holy items, holy objects, ceremonial objects and I'm banging my head for what that word might be...if there even is one!

Thanks in advance for any help