November 23rd, 2008

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Nighttime logging operations in northern California

My Google-fu didn't turn up much so I'm hoping to get some thoughts from you kind people:

Setting: northern California, specifically northeast of Chico in the forests there. Approximately early- to mid-winter.

Question: I'm looking for any information about logging (the tree-cutting kind) done at night. Is it illegal, are there restrictions on how to do it, are logging trucks allowed to operate at night on the logging trails. My character almost got hit by a logging truck at dusk or night and I want to know if this is an illegal operation or just an accident.

Attempts at research: Do you realize how many blogging sites or weight-loss journals I find with Googling "night logging", "logging at night", "the logging industry at night". I got a few possible hits but they talked more about the psychological/physiological implications for loggers putting in long hours and not about the logging itself.

Any help and info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Job description and daily schedule of CEO and COO

The setting is 2008 in the Midwest USA. I have a character who insists that he's a chief executive officer or, if not that, a chief operating officer.

While I can find some information about the CEO job description, I cannot find much about a daily schedule. I would also like a good job description of the COO.

I've read the Wikipedia articles, but I want more details. I've done Google searches for "chief executive officer" and "chief operating officer" and "ceo"/"coo", as well as each term combined with "job description", "duties", "responsibilities", "schedule", and "daily schedule".

Where could I find more information?
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A Sword by any other name...

A friend of mine and I are coming up with a storyline and plot details for a video game for a class she's taking. We wanted to give the main character a sword, but we weren't sure what to call the particular type. It occurred to us that we're not sure what kind of sword the "standard image of a sword" actually is. I mean, if you type "sword" into a google image search, the first couple hits you get are like this, with a relatively simple cross guard and double-edged blade, that can be wielded one-handedly. Is there a name for this specific type of sword?

Already checked out wikipedia and the Sword Wiki (surprisingly unhelpful), and various google searches, including "standard sword" and "types of swords."

I'm (obviously) not an expert on swords, so if there are any details you need to answer this question, please let me know and I'll try to clarify. Thanks in advance!

ETA: I'm looking for the name of the kind of sword pictured in the link. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear x.x
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Naming/filling out Birth Cert. for abandoned children, UK

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find out how the authorities would go about naming/guessing the date of birth of a child abandoned in the UK in the early-mid 1960s. The parents have never been traced.

I've googled "Filling out birth certificate for abandoned children", "abandoned children register", and all manner of things to do with children/abandoned/registering/birth certificate. I found out a little about the actual register, but nothing about how the authorities might guess the age of the child (meaning what date of birth they put on the birth certificate) and how they might go about giving it a name - particularly a surname.

I would guess this would all happen after they had exhausted every avenue of trying to find the parents, and trying to work out if the birth had already been registered (it hadn't).

Any other help or background info on matters related to this would also be handy, so ramble at me! All info gratefully received. Thank you in advance.

ETA: The child is much too young to be talking, yes. As for how old exactly...I'm not entirely sure, because this can fit the story. We'd definitely be talking months, not years.
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What sort of deliquency might Victorian-era punks get up to?

My story is set in 1912, in an alternate universe London, where supplementary magics exist (magic will: keep your coat dry in the rain, make your hair curlier, help healing along, create interesting illusions mainly used for entertainment, that sort of thing; magic will not: do anything very much bigger, unless you are really good at the chemistry of it and can somehow, I don't even know, work all the little details into one huge package), and some supernatural creatures also populate the known universe -- primarily, in terms of this story, vampires. My primary secondary character had something of a turbulent youth -- so, somewhere in the 1890s -- during which he fell in with a fairly bad crowd and got into all sorts of trouble, not of the petty kind. I doubt it would have escalated to things like murder and kidnapping (though I suppose accidental or indirect manslaughter is always a possibility, poor bloke), but it was not breaking store windows and running away. He would be upper middle class, I believe -- at the very least he had a very good education, which he may or may not have been very interested in at the time (though he does grow up to be a respectable librarian). What sort of school might he have gone to, also -- again, middle or upper-middle class, quite intelligent, if rebellious -- and what sort of things could have happened there to give him a reputation, as it were?

I'm thinking that he may have got himself into some serious legal trouble at some point, because he seems to have practically drafted by a vampire-hunting branch of the Ministry of the Paranormal, presumably by them holding some misdemeanor or another over his head that they can charge him with if he doesn't do what they want him to do.

Thankee all!

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