November 18th, 2008

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Utility lines in Princeton, NJ

My story takes place in Princeton, New Jersey, in the present day.

This seems like it should be a very simple question, but I'm having a hard time finding an answer. In Princeton, do utility lines (electricity, specifically) tend to be buried or up on poles? I need to cause lousy driving conditions and a power outage at the same time, and an ice storm that takes out lines seems like the easiest way to do it... provided the power lines are available to be taken down.

I've tried searching for princeton plus variations on "downed lines", "utility lines", "ice storm", etc. I also tried an image search for "princeton nj", and while none of the images that came up included utility poles, so many of them were of the university campus that I don't want to take it as proof of much.
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LF info on D/s relationships

searched:yahoo, google "D/s" "d/s relationships" "Dominance and Submission"


1)Is it possible for a sub to become a Dom and what would that change entail?

1B)Would the Dom have to first release(for lack of a better word) the sub, for the sub to pursue a dom role elsewhere?

2) Is it possible that the role of dom and sub can change within an relationship? for example the dom becomes the sub and the sub becomes the dom within the relationship.

3)What most likely would cause a sub to become a dom? Is it a role one grows into or are subs always subs?

Shooting through handcuffs

Darned characters and their stupid ideas...

I have two characters in a fairly small, confined space. A is chained up and fastened to the wall by heavy, inflexible cuffs/manacles, connected by a bar or panel - possibly with a thick hinge - rather than a chain. B is struggling, and failing, to free him. This is as it should be! Failure is what I want to happen.

However it has just occurred to me that character B has a gun and is desperate and the idea of shooting through the connection between the cuffs might go through his mind. If he did it, what would happen? If he fired from a short distance? Point-blank?  He's no great marksman and doesn't know much about guns, (although more than I do).

I don't much want him to try it at all, and if he does, I certainly don't want it to work. So I am hoping for boring, undramatic answers like "You fool! The bullet will ping off and take out your eye or that of your intended rescuee! There will be some other type of terrible carnage! Do not do it under any circumstances!" 

I expect the type of gun becomes relevant now which is annoying because it didn't matter at all before the silly character got this notion and hence I have no real idea. It's a handgun, and, er... preferably something that certainly won't help in these circumstances.  Something like a Glock pistol, perhaps.

Searches - google and youtube on "shooting locks" etc. Found a youtube video refuting Mythbusters' "bust" of the "shoot a padlock off a door" myth - i.e, illustrating that you could, with the right kind of round. But that was from a distance, and rather a different scenario anyway.

"Shooting handcuffs" just unearthed slightly disturbing people who listed "shooting, handcuffs" among their interests

EDIT: Thank you very much, everyone! I have what I need.

Blond/fair male star of Hollywood Golden Age

Date: 1941
Place: Southern California, USA

I'm describing a handsome young man who lived in 1941 by comparing him to Hollywood stars of the era, since he lives near Los Angeles and his girlfriend types for a studio and is hoping to be discovered. Having just rented Sullivan's Travels Joel McCrea is a good start, but all the more famous male stars I can think of are either "tall dark and handsome" or otherwise "unpretty". I know the male stars of this period are usually far from our more prettified actors of today, but could anyone give me a lead to a photograph of an actor, not necessary a huge star, of the 1930s-1940s, who was fair or blond and had that golden-boy look? or looked athletic and not suave?

Searched: joel mccrea, stars of the golden age of hollywood; tab hunter (wrong era, but ooh spicy!)