November 14th, 2008

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scars made by a violin bow

This is probably a silly question, but I figured I should ask here anyway. I'm currently writing a story that takes place in modern times, and I'd like one of my main characters to have a scar along one side of his face. I've already brainstormed ideas as to how he managed to get this scar-- I'm just not completely certain if the circumstances would lead to him having one, or what it would look like if they did. I've tried several different keywords on Google but I think this question is a bit too specific.

If someone was whipped or hit in the face with a violin bow, would it leave a scar? If so, what kind of scar? How would it look? And how hard would the abuser have to hit her victim to leave a mark that lasts a lifetime?

The woman with the violin bow is somewhere in her late sixties or early seventies, on the powerful (and crazy) side, while the one she's hitting is a smaller, scrawnier fifteen-year-old boy. I imagine most of the violins she owns would be antiques, though I can see her looking after them very well.

Any information at all would be appreciated!

american help please!!

hello again, brilliant writers!
I have terrible knowledge of the US (I'm from africa and canada, if i can use that as an excuse!!) so i'd really appreciate some input if you've got it.

I am working on a screenplay, and here's the deal:

I have a family of 3- single Dad, with 2 kids. I would like for them to live in a place that's central to the beach- I was thinking somewhere like St. Petersburg, in Florida. However, I'd also like it if the dad could be the mayor of a small, waspy town/county- somewhere with money, where most of the people would have voted for John Mccain (not judging, just saying!) i need him to be important enough that everyone wants to know that he has the perfect family, but not on too huge a scale.

Furthermore, would it make sense for a character who hates beaches and florida to want to move to Palm Springs? Is there enough difference between the two places for this to work?


north korea odds

I've googled around for this, but haven't had any luck.

I know that British betting houses like Ladbrokes will take a bet on almost anything. I'm looking for current odds/bets to deal with North Korea.

Not for a book, per se..but for teaching (I teach in South Korea), and I'm quite stuck. Any ideas?


edit: In particular, I'm looking on odds for Kim Jong-Il's passing or his successor.
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Long Distance, Long Term Forced Marches

Setting: Human beings, futuristic, planet terraformed to roughly Earth-normal standards.

My MC is an applicant for an elite military unit. The biggest challence in the qualification process is an extended solo trek over a very long distance and period of time.

Keeping in mind that this is a challenge meant to weed out all but the most motivated and physically fit candidates, what kind of daily mileage could an above-average human keep up for about 140-150 days across reasonably level terrain (as in, no mountains, minimal water crossings, some broken terrain)?

Searched by: "Human Endurance", "Long Distance Hiking", "Long Distance Running", "Trekking", "Forced March".
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Setting: (I don’t see how this could come into play, but just to cover my bases..) Modern 2006, Southern California.

Character: 21 year old male, dysgraphic. He has spatial dysgraphia, to be exact. The disorder eventually led him to drop out of school at the age of sixteen.

Question: I’ve googled dysgraphia and read everything on the first page of hits. I’ve also looked at a letter written by someone with dysgraphia, but didn’t really feel comfortable asking them this question. Basically, I want to know if someone who has dysgraphia writes something out that’s backwards and switched and just a typical dysgraphia paper, are they then able to look at it once more and realize they’ve written it wrong? I realize this touches on other learning disorders, so let’s assume the character in question only has this one disorder. Will he see that it’s written oddly, or will proofreading show him all the errors he’s made? Will he be able to correct these errors, or will he only mess it up more?

Furthermore, if you know anything else about dysgraphia and you want to share, please do! I’ve read a lot about it, but after a certain amount of time, it’s just the same information repeated over and over again. Anything new or personal that you can share would be great!

Thanks, guys!