November 9th, 2008

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Videogames: Which games enable player 2 destruction?

Setting: 2008. Wii/Playstation/X Box fanboys. (any/or of these systems.)

This is a bit of a strange one, greatly helped by this article. Two men, playing video games together. One of them is a very, very poor loser and simply malicious sometimes. I'm building a story around him quitting a game before he can lose, but I need some help with the other player being able to rattle off his past gaming sins:

1. Any games whereby the player can turn around and shoot/mutilate/destroy the other character on his team?
2. Does any version of Grand Theft Auto allow you to attack your companion? (I have found multiple cheats on enabling second player, but not explanations on whether I can destroy them.)
3. For the evil player's retaliation, any games where the second player can inadvertantly hinder player 1? Because all I can think of is Tails in Sonic, which is a bit too 1992.

I've tried Googling 'two player kill companion grand theft auto' and variations on a theme. Again, the aforementioned site helps, but I'm looking for more examples of second-player murder. Thanks!
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Surviving a fall from a height, with lasting damage?

Setting: present-day Britain

Previous research: seriously, too much to list here. Endless, repeated google searches over a space of a year or so with a huge variety of search terms; all kinds of medical info sites and, of course, wikipedia; personal conversation with a nursing professional... thing is, the info I need is fairly specific, and most of those sources (excepting the nursing specialist) only gave general types of information.

Here's the situation. I have a character with the following medical history:

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Wounded Marines during the Vietnam War....

I have googled every variant of 'wounded' and 'marine' and 'hopital' and 'vietnam war' that i can. I'm trying to figure out where a badly injured Marine in 1969 would be sent stateside to recuperate.

Walter Reed seems to be primarily for research, and for the Army - Bethesda also seems research-heavy and also in Maryland, which doesn't make sense for soldiers who are being flown or shipped in to the west coast.

So...anyone? Anyone? If it matters, this Marine is a part of the Second Battalion, First Marine Regiment, specifically Echo 2/1.