October 31st, 2008

  • surexit

Severed ear

Does the ear bleed more or less than other parts of the body? Could someone plausibly survived a severed and then unbandaged ear, or would blood loss be an issue? And would there be much of a hearing loss? (I'm assuming no to the last question, but thought I'd ask.)

Setting: Brittany, early November, 1050. Victim: smallish man.

Tried reasearch: Google, search terms 'severed ear', 'blood loss in ear', 'blood loss severed ear', and, when I was getting desperate 'how much does the ear bleed?' :D

Cheers, guys!
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  • lienne

What it feels like to pick up and play with someone's guts.

Well, that was interesting.

Hi guys!

I'm looking for information on what intestines feel like to pick up and handle. Are they more squishy or solid? Smooth or rough? Slippery or rubbery or something else I haven't thought of? How heavy are they? The scene I'm writing concerns living human guts, but I'll take examples involving animal guts because they're probably not that different, and if I can't get talk of fresh guts then preserved ones will have to do.

I have hit up Wikipedia (a bust, as predicted) and googled "tactile properties of intestines" and "what guts feel like" (also a bust, also as predicted). I haven't gone hunting for information on what this would feel like for the handlee, because I really wouldn't even know where to start, but if anybody's got anecdotes (I hope not for your sake) or some reasonably solid conjecture, I keep a supply of Internet cookies in reserve for just such an occasion.

For our purposes, although I can't imagine how it would come up, the setting can be regarded as standard 1990s North America. Further specifics on request if they turn out to be relevant.
  • natane

Hotwiring a car.

Yes, it's for NaNoWriMo.

I've googled/wiki'd this before, and gotten a fair bit of general information, but it's hard to get much more than that. I understand that different models of cars from different years will vary, so it's hard to find my specific information.

My character is left without the keys to a 1990 Jeep Cherokee. She hotwires it. I chose this car because my mother has one and I thought I'd be able to figure out how general information would apply to it, but it's a little beaten-up, so I'm wondering if her car is equivalent to a better-cared-for one. Also, she won't let me try out my theories :)

Are the wires and such under the steering wheel supposed to be easy to access? We don't have any sort of plate or panel under there.

Which wires is my character actually looking for? Would she be able to reach them easily and guess what they were? She has no mechanical/automotive knowledge, and at the time, she's in a pretty strong disassociative state.

And finally... which wires does she have to cross? I've just been saying wires, because I'm not sure which are important. Something like 'the blue one and the white one' or 'the one leading up towards the steering wheel' or even 'the biggest wire' would be awesome. I hate having no description.

Thanks so much for the help... :D
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either there is just nothing other there, or i am an idiot and cannot google properly. however, i've tried everything i can think of, and have come up empty handed.

how would a well-known yakuza be able to get into the states? would his superiors give him a new identity and fake papers and send him off on a plane? smuggle him on a cramped, smelly ship from japan to hawaii? are either of these realistic?