October 30th, 2008

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Herbs and alchemical preparations

Hello! Doing some research for my NaNo this year, which is about a necromancer who makes alchemical preparations and such - it's a comical lighthearted kind of book, so I don't need a precise works-in-the-real formula, but I do want to be able to name some of the ingredients in his potions and brews to add flavor to the story.

I am looking for some ideas for herbs that would be associated with death, raising the dead, driving off ghosts and spirits, and so forth. I am also looking for a searchable database of herbs - the ones I have found are lists of what herbs there are, and what they do - but I want to be able to search for a specific property and see what herbs are associated with / good for that.

Tried many google searches - herbs , herbs + death, magic + herbs , etc - but not many sites came up that had anything close to what I was looking for. Help?

Miscarraige due to phaysical trauma

Doing research for my Nano novel as are many others I'm sure. I have a main character in a victorian/edwardian technology level setting with about that level of medical knowledge. I need the main character to sustain an injury that induces a miscarriage, that in this setting would be life threatening, but still plausible that she would live.

Research came up with the fact that before the beginning of the second trimester, an injury has to pretty much be life threatening to the mother even if she wasn't pregnant, to induce a miscarriage, so she has to be into the second trimester, and I don't want there to be any question of the baby's viability; I don't need the plot complication of her having a child at that point in the story, so probably not into the third trimester.

The point of it is her abusive husband is responsible for killing the child, which is why it needs to be physical trauma induced.

What I need to know is should I have her at the beginning or the end of the third trimester to make this most plausible in this setting, and what sort of treatment would she be likely to recieve, if she was from an affluent family and could afford treatment. I found lots on modern medicine, but nothing on period medicine.

Yeah, I think that's everything relevant.

googled: miscarraige, second trimester, victorian, edwardian, physical trauma, in history, and various combinations. There was one entry in medicine:history that was almost relevant, but 200/300 yrs off and that poster wanted the mother to die and the babies to live.