October 26th, 2008

Shelter Shaun/Zach beach

getting shot in the knee

Setting: current times. Shooting takes place in Europe; primary treatment (ie: original surgery) also done in Europe then the character goes home to America

Research done: Googled 'gunshot wound knee', 'kneecapping', 'shattered kneecap removal', and 'shattered kneecap removal recovery'; looked through tags on here

Summary: Jacob (mid-30s, healthy, athletic) is shot in the knee while being interrogated by a terrorist organization. From my research I've deduced that he'll be on crutches and in a brace for a while then using a cane while he continues physical therapy. My problem is that I can't figure out if he'll be using the cane for the rest of his life with a noticeable limp or if he'll be able to walk normally with only a slight limp on cold days/days where he's overtaxed the wounded leg. All the websites I found on google about kneecapping gave the definition, not what physically happens to the kneecap and ligaments. I figure the kneecap and ligaments will be heavily damaged if the bad guys have Jacob's leg extended when they shoot him.

Also, I'm curious how soon after the initial hospitalization he'll be able to fly home to California from Europe (most likely eastern Europe).

Edit: I know nothing about guns and bullet calibers, so any help there would be greatly appreciated

Greetings, and Starting the Ball Rolling: Looking for a specific sword style


I'm a writer of just about any genre out there but reality and Westerns (the first is boring; the second I've just never gotten). I've been looking for a place like this for YEARS. Frequently, I know KINDA what I want, but not HOW to ask, making my usual mad Google skills worthless. I've got a lot of questions, but I'll start simple and get into the weird things latter.

My Long-Works list is after the question, with medium and genre, to let you get an idea of the variety in my head.


In one of my fantasy settings, I'm trying to get a feel for the sword fighting style of the main hero. Character wise, he's acrobatic, favoring dodging over the use of a shield or parrying. I'd prefer a lighter, one-handed sword that lets him keep his speed as high as possible, but also enable relatively strong strength-based hits (slashing more than stabbing). He's not afraid of getting in close to his enemy (primarily animal-intelligent monsters, but he'll also go up against human fighters of varying styles), and fights alone.

For the sword, I like the design of the kopis [ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kopis ] , particularly the slender blade illustrated on Wikipeida. Since I don't know a THING about this, however, and character trumps appearance, suggestions for better blades for the style I'm looking for will be greatly appreciated.

I don't have ANY background in fighting, so information will have to start basic, although the more detail I can eventually draw from and use for my own later searches, the better.

Thanks in advance!

Long Works:

- Phoenix Flair, Dragon Descent (Fantasy, Oriental Inspired, Six novels + 9 short stories + however many appendixes, will need help in Geography and related for world creation [set in an original universe with modified physics and magic, long story...] )

- Legends of Regnum [Title likely changing] (Western Fantasy, episodic with planned ending [currently unknown how long], most likely written although animated could work, setting for above question, will also need linguistic help)

- [Ninja Story, currently working on title] (Original setting loosely based on historic Japan, episodic, animated [preferably 3-D due to detail], needs more information on the 5 oriental elements)

- Vampyre Hymn (Modern day supernatural drama, tv series, currently 3 seasons planned, needs modern research)

- VH: SCI (Alternate Universe of Vampyre Hymn, supernatural forensic drama, also tv series, currently have material for 2 seasonal arcs, mostly just needs primary universe character development)

- [cyborg sports anime, currently no good title] (focuses on a sport that's somewhere between figure skating and roller derby, episodic animated, needs a LOT of research into prosthetics, cybernetics, sports regulartions, and civil rights movements)

- Roseblood (Modern Day High School / Alternate Universe High Fantasy, episodic graphic novels with planned ending, needs modern day research and artist)

- Falling Angels (Superhero Comic deconstruction/homage, comic book series, no set ending, needs research into telekinetic theory and dissociative personality disorder)

- In Time Things Come (Hard Sci-Fi, novella, needs research on parasitic and symbiotic viruses and similar)

- Sirens Song (Fantasy, console RPG, needs help DEVELOPING an RPG, as well as research into multiple world mythologies and "fairie tales")