October 22nd, 2008

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Japanese Curses (not the swearing ones ^_~)

Oddly enough, I found information on this hard to come by. My google-fu fails.

I'm looking for information on Japanese curses. Particularly the ones that can kill and linger for generations, but anything that can harm is OK. I've searched Japanese curses, Japanese supernatural curses, Japan curses, Japan cursed places and related terms, but somehow I always turn up "The Grudge" or some J-horror film. Cursed places, or how places become cursed are OK, too.

The setting of the story is in Japan, modern time, but it does go back in the past every now and then, so timeline isn't really a big thing.

Any help is welcome. :D Thanks for your time.

(and yes, this is for a Ghost Hunt fic)

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Branding a hand

I've tried researching this on Google and such, using terms such as: branding, branding of hands, burns on hands, etc. I can't seem to find out exactly what I need to know for my story.

It's a fantasy story that does have magic and is set in a relatively progressive medieval type kingdom. HOwever, most of that doesn't affect what I'm looking for.

My character was captured many years ago on the pretense of being a traitor to the crown. She was branded on one hand before she was thrown into prison. Before her release ten years later, she was branded again on the other hand.

I want to know how severe the burn would have been on the thinner and more sensitive skin of the hand, what type of long term damage such a branding would have on her (would mobility be affected? Circulation?)? Would it be better to brand the back of her hand or the palm?

I'd also like to know the level of pain she'd be experiencing in the days and weeks after being branded and how little to no care would affect the healing process.

I'd really appreciate any help that anyone could give me. Thanks in advance, and feel free to ask any questions you feel you need to.