October 19th, 2008

High school education in New York City in 1900

When: 1890-1900
Where: New York City, New York, USA

Here's a truly little detail I need (it probably amounts to thirty words in a 30,000-word story, scattered throughout, but it's important to the plot). Where would a sixteen-year-old boy, the son of a working-class Jewish family, go to school in New York City in 1899/1900? He's smart and what we would call today a nerd, and his parents have high hopes he'll become a doctor or a lawyer.

The family lives on Broome Street in the Lower East Side.

Searched: "public education history", "public education New York", "high school history US", etc. Mostly I get answers far too in-depth, or far too broad in scope, for this little detail.

eta: may not be first-generation immigrants, come to think of it.
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homosexual court cases in fifties britain

I've tried googling with every combination of phrase I can think of (1950s fifties sodomy homosexuality buggery uk england court law cases transcripts...), but nothing specific enough is coming up. I've gone through all the relevant tags, and while I've found a lot of interesting information, nothing has been what I'm looking for.

I'm writing a novel about a gay couple in the fifties in England. The framing device is a court case in which the men are being prosecuted; their relationship is depicted in a series of vignettes relating to the case. One man comes from a background of organised crime and lied about his age to join the army during world war two; the other is of wealthy German Jewish descent (family moved to England in the early thirties and changed names) and has spent most of his life in expensive single sex education and has a degree from Cambridge in the classics. I don't know the extent to which their backgrounds could influence the case; examples from real life cases would be appreciated.

Everything I've found so far doesn't go much farther then mentioning describing whether an individual was found guilty or not and how long they spent in prison. What I'm looking for, ideally, are transciprts of early fifties cases, preferably pre-1953 (before the trial that led to the Wolfenden report). Failing that, detailed description and examples of commonly asked questions.

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Quick question and maybe a call for a personal view...

I have a character that I want to be returning to the United States from Mexico and get held by Customs due to a case of mistaken identity. From Google I've learned that you do need a passport but when I search for Customs, I just get what you can bring back into the country and not so much what I need, which is to know...how stringent are they when it comes to passports? Is it likely my character would be run through a computer and trigger an alert? Is it more likely his passport would get checked if he came back by air, rather than car?

Haven't traveled internationally myself so please forgive my ignorance on the subject...

Searches done: passport for Mexico, Mexico customs, Customs checks

EDIT: More details. Character B is wanted by the FBI and is fond of using the names of musicians and such for his aliases. Character A's name happens to be one of the used aliases, plus be pretty much identical to him, though not related. I'm wanting Character A to be detained because his name is red flagged and established as a known alias for Character B. With the increased security in the States seemed like the easiest way was to have him get caught using his passport to get back into the country.