October 16th, 2008

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gay terminology 1940s UK

Where can I find accurate UK slang terms for gay in the '40s?

It was invert in the 20s/30s, but I can't find any sites that'll actually tell me what the everyday slang for them was (variations on gay + history + slang + terminology + 1940s bring up giant slang lists with no time stamp, laws on homosexuality, medical and psychological definitions/practices and treatment or terribly dry biographies and histories).
'Homosexual' was the official term, but I can't find what *normal* people used. The definitions I need are :
The polite middle class term
The common slang terms
1940s rank and file soldiers' terms
What the gay community itself used.

(story is set in London post-war with references to during the war and post-war with several different POVs, hence needing the variations)

Searching on people (gay actors and writers who were adults during the 1940s) like Wilfrid Brambell and Kenneth Williams turns out to be useless because all I get are refs to Fantabulosa and the Curse of Steptoe, biographies and the fact that Wilf got done for cottaging in the 60s. Not to mention most of said films took place in the '60s. Later films set in WW2 using gay characters only seem to use imagery and no words. Celluloid Closet has very little on 1940s UK films, and even then it's all 'implied' due to censorship. Searching through gay film lists of the '40s gets me German and American ones.

Searched : variations on gay + homosexual + history + terminology + 1940s + film + slang + UK
Gay slang dictionaries
The Celluloid Closet by Vito Russo (document of gay portrayal in film throughout the 20th Century)
Wilfrid Brambell, Kenneth Williams, Noel Coward, Joe Orton, Kenneth Halliwell, Ivor Novello
OHC - Haruhi

Subtle and fatal illness // Taking on someone else's identity

I'm looking to imply the death of one of my characters without making it explicit. Ideally it would be some form of disease where the character would be able to go on as normally as possible until near death and where the other characters wouldn't know about the disease (I can make them slightly oblivious though, it's not really something you look for). I'd also like it if they would be aware that they only have two/three months to live. If necessary, I can extend the time and make it seem like they were in hospital for a while before dying.

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This is more of a "could it happen?" question than anything. In the original version of this story, I have my main character (who's point-of-view it is from) taking over / taken over by the identity of her older sister. This sister was the 'family favourite' and died traumatically (in the original she was hit by a car). While the family is grieving, the character gives her name as that of the dead sister's, starts to wear her clothes, and slowly begins behaving the way she did. Is there a name for this sort of thing, so I can look for more information and make it work better? Would it be considered Disassociative Identity Disorder? Does anyone know of any cases like this I can look up?

I've plugged various phrases into Google and Wikipedia and found nothing like what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

Billy the Kid in Spanish

When: 1870-1900
Where: New Mexico Territory, United States

Did Billy the Kid have a nickname or folk name among the Hispanic community in New Mexico? I want a character to refer to him with a Spanish nickname (in a tone of affectionate reverence), even if only a translation of "the Kid".

Searched: Billy the Kid, Billy the Kid + Hispanic, "Billy the Kid in Spanish"
Excused from Saving Universes

Blood on stone

I tried to google this, but various combinations of "blood" and "stone" only come up with book titles, lyrics to heavy metal songs, complaints about the economy, caveman DNA, and a few household tips how to remove blood from stone. Since home experiments seem impractical (and, uhm, inadvisable in terms of having neighbours call the police on me), I'm turning to you for answers. Help?

I need to know how long blood would be visible on stone.
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Thank you in advance for any and all input!