October 15th, 2008


Celtic torques

I've searched combinations of "Celt(ic)", "torque", "torc", and "wear". I've found lots of both historic/archaeologic sites and jewelry sites, but none of them have told me what I need to know. It's like I'm the first one to wonder this, which is obviously insane.

How do you put a torque on? Even the store sites didn't tell me (one did say "ours have some spring to them", but a lot of the ancient ones are very thick and rigid). The opening is rarely more than two inches across, and since it's fitted around the neck I can't imagine that it would fit over the head, but I could be wrong. Does anyone have one, or know how this worked?

Thank you!
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Cosmetics in the 1930s

How did one buy and use lipstick and face powder in the 1930s? I'm most specifically interested in Paris, Berlin, and London. This is a wealthy woman who travels (as much as is possible) and yes, she does wear cosmetics regularly.

Nowadays, you buy the makeup and the case, but in looking for vintage items I'm finding lipstick holders (such as this one and this one), and compacts for face powder (such as this one and this one) and occasionally a combination (such as this one).

So if you buy the lipstick and powder independently and then put it in the holder...what sort of packaging would it have come in? I'm trying to figure out how you wouldn't spill face powder anywhere or get lipstick all over your fingers. :) Would there have been cosmetic counters?

I only wish I could afford this vintage book right now!

[ETA: also googled on various combinations of 1930s, vintage, cosmetics, lipstick, compact, Max Factor. Found this page which is useful but not as logistical as I need right now.]