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Windows in medieval taverns/inns?

Setting: Fantasy world. Port city that gets a lot of rain. Loosely based on medieval England (sort of) so I'm using that as a model for some of my buildings.

The MC (short woman with a fairly small build) is in the nicest room in an inn, and she needs to climb out a window. However, I'm having trouble finding information about how (or even if) the window would have opened and the mechanics of it. Also, would the windows at this time have been made of glass or of something else? I know later it was kind of wobbly glass that distorted the view, but I don't know about the Middle Ages.

Googled variations on "medieval architecture," "medieval taverns," "medieval inn construction," "medieval inn window," and "medieval tavern construction materials" but my Google-fu is weak. Thanks for any help!

ETA: Someone asked about the specific time period within the medieval era. I'm fairly flexible since it's fantasy, but the middle centuries would probably be best.

Tornadoes in Kansas

Setting: Jericho, Kansas in 2022
Event: A tornado forms in early summer.

1) Will the sky turn green before the tornado starts to form?
2) If the sky doesn't turn green, what color will it turn? 
3) How big is the chance for multiple tornadoes in one day in that one town?

Search: Tornado on Wikipedia, on Google I searched for tornadoes in Kansas and tornadoes.

Edited: To clarify question three.
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Question about how guns sound ...

I don't want to just assume the fact that all guns sound slightly different. Do they?

For instance, if someone with exceptional hearing (werewolf in human form if that helps you any), heard a gun fight start in a warehouse, would he be able to tell the difference between what the bad guys are using and his team's guns? If it helps I'm assigning them a P228 SIG Sauer, and a Desert Eagle .357, thanks to the wonderful information I've gotten from this community's tags.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Where a Telemarketer works

EDIT: Great Googly Moogly, you guys are FANTASTIC. This is more information than I could have ever hoped for, and I thank all of you who commented from the bottom of my heart. You've all answered all the questions I could come up with, and even more. Thank you all; this post question is answered~~

Search terms:
Various googled combinations of "telemarketing" "telemarketer" "position" "location" "work" "business" "where", etc. Also have read several commentaries on people's reactions to telemarketing and telemarketer's reactions to their jobs, but those were not useful.

Setting: Modern day, insurance company, (USA, but it isn't important)

I am writing a story to be told in the point of view of a telemarketer. I am familiar with everything about the job other than where it would be taking place. I do not want my character to work from home, but don't know where she would work otherwise.

If she is calling for a fictitious insurance company (selling home/auto/health/etc. insurance) what is the place like where she would work? Is it a call center? How is a call center laid out? Does she work for a local agency? What is her desk like? Are cubicles involved?

Also, what are her hours if she works full-time (I am aware of the hours legally allowed for telemarketing, but what hours would the company want her to come in)?

Her working for an Insurance company is flexible, so information on other businesses is still helpful.

Any information is appreciated.

Situating a Fictional Ranch in New Mexico

When: 1900
Where: New Mexico, United States

I'm writing a 30,000 word fanfiction novella in three days. (Procrastination makes it happen.) The latter 20,000 or so of it takes place on a fictional cattle ranch in New Mexico. I'm trying to situate it geographically. Currently, I'm working off of the real JX Ranch near Tucumcari, NM, and I'm wondering if anyone here from New Mexico could chime in with recommended areas that would be appropriate to the time period. I'm looking for a plausible location that would be scenic and austere.

Searched: New Mexico, Santa Fe, Las Cruces (too far south I think), Albuquerque, Taos, Sangre De Cristo, Tucumcari, history of New Mexico, all on Wikipedia; "New Mexico ranch" on Google; stared at maps (which is how I usually research geography.)
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Intentionally killing someone with a Taser

Setting: U.S., 1986

Googled: "tasers," "taser deaths," "intentional killing taser"

I keep hearing about Taser deaths, all of which are reportedly accidental, and in most cases, no one knows why the victim dies. But I'm wondering if there's any way to purposely kill someone with one.

(The scenario I'm envisioning is roughly as follows—the MC is attacked by a Taser-wielding guard (who is trying to incapacitate him rather than kill him), manages to get a hold of the weapon, and turns it on his attacker. Is there anything he could do with it that is more likely to kill the other guy? I suppose worst case scenario he could just beat the poor sod to death, but that isn't nearly as much fun as zapping him.

I should also mention that the guard is a healthy young guy and the MC is older, but has the advantage of being very sadistic and very angry.)