October 13th, 2008

  • hiratsu

Walk-In Freezer Death

How long would it take for someone to die from being trapped in a walk-in freezer? The freezer can be any type: meat, ice cream, etc. If it helps, the setting is Cleveland, OH in the early 1970's and the person in question is a man in his late 30's.

I've tried searching using various combinations of terms like 'walk-in freezer,' 'death,' 'hypothermia,' etc. I used google, howstuffworks.com, wikipedia, even yahoo answers, and have found nothing definite.
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I need to know the correct word in Latin for a daughter addressing her grandfather. I've done searches using Latin + Translation and Grandfather, I know the Latin for Grandfather is Avus but I wanted to check whether it is correct to address someone as Avus or if there is a more colloquial term (or if a child would be more likely to call them by name). They are speaking English in the current day but she was brought up in Rome c. AD 50 (they're immortal) so I wanted her to call him by the name she would have grown up with and also clue in people there who speak Latin of their relationship.
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Subject: Eating cow brains

Setting: New York (and possibly other environs around the world), mid-to-late 1960s

I am looking for information on the preparation of cow brains for eating and the way in which one eats them.
--In 1960s New York, would they be commonly sold at butcher shops? Would there be any particular neighborhood one would go to in order to purchase them, or any transplanted culture which might particularly favor them for food? How much would one cost?
--Besides frying them, how would you prepare them? How do they have to be prepped before cooking (washed, processed, etc.). Do they have to be cut up like muscle meat? Is it possible to mash one up like a potato and mix it with something? Do they fall apart easily?
--What does a plain cooked one taste like? What is the consistency, texture, aftertaste like?

I have looked up "cow brains," "brain recipes," and an assortment of other keywords on Google--most of what I've found is information on recipes and the historical context in which brains might be eaten (as well as a vegetarian screed about the hypocrisy of meat-eaters who eat steak but not brains and an article on mad cow disease and its effect on the brain cuisine of the Midwest). Wikipedia suggests that it's "mushy" and "flavorless," but I'm hoping for something a little more specific.

Thank you in advance.