October 12th, 2008

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Legends, Myths, Folkore or Superstitions About Photographs

I've googled all combinations of 'legends', 'myths', 'superstitions', and 'folklore' with 'photography', 'camera' and 'pictures'. All I'm getting are sites with pictures of places with history rich in folklore, galleries, etc. I also tried looking up ghost stories revolving around photographs and cameras, but all I got were sites with photos of ghost sightings.

What I'm looking for are legends, myths etc along the lines of the 'having your picture taken steals your soul' legend and things like that. I've even googled that, and met mostly dead ends.

The setting is modern day, small town America. But as the character who will be researching this has access to the internet and whatnot, it doesn't matter where the legends came from or anything like that. I'm just looking for any manner of mystic/occultish/whatever stories revolving around photography and pictures.

Thank you in advance for any help whatsoever!

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Setting: Modern day, various locations (roadtrip story!)

Searched: fixing slow lead in brake line, brake fluid chemical,

Problem: My character's car has a slow leak in the brake line, resulting in complete brake failure and the car is now off on the side of the road. What could my character use to (1) plug the hold in the brakeline and (2) use to replenish the leaked brake fluid?

Ideally, I'd want something long term, but if it's a temporary fix and they have to go to the mechanics, how long would repairing the brakes take?
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An audience with the king

Hey guys. Had a hard time looking this up on Google and wasn't sure where to begin.

My story is fantasy based in medieval/renaissance Europe. A group of three scriveners (a family) are invited to have an audience with the king to discuss a project he wants to commission them for. I'm looking for etiquette that middle-class merchants would go through when visiting the king. They are not members of the royal court either. I am guessing there is a lot of "don't speak unless spoken to," including a lot of bowing, and I'm trying to figure out where they might be received (throne room? private office?), as well as other important details.