October 8th, 2008

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I'm having to reject increasing numbers of posts lately, so I think it's about time to remind everyone to check the rules before posting.

Specifically, read the rule about attempting to do your own research. If you post a question that looks easy to research and there's no information that shows you tried, I'll reject it.

And that information would be search terms. You don't have to include all of them, but the most obvious ones will show you made a minimum effort.
  • ckret2

Sun-worship in Middle Ages Romania?

I've got an immortal-ish character from Romania or the surrounding region who probably grew up within a religion that was heavily into sun worship or worship of a sun deity. Story's set in modern USA but the character's backstory is going to be important. The problem is I know of no religions that involve sun-worship from Romania.

I know Christianity started showing up in Romania as early as the first century, courtesy of the Roman Empire. But I figure that, same as in many cultures that have foreign beliefs pushed on them, the indigenous religions will survive or blend with the new religion for some time. Or other religions could come in for a brief time, influence a small pocket of people for half a century, and vanish. Cults are fine too, whatever works.

A dozen or so Wikipedia articles on Romania, its history and religion, and sun deities turn up nothing. I've googled various mixes of sun worship, romanian, romania, religion, history, mythology, sun, and even proto-hungarian gods. I have no idea now why I googled that one. The best I've been able to come up with so far are Mithras, who Wiki briefly claims is sort of a sun deity (I think Wiki lies), and hints that MAYBE the Romans brought Helios/Apollo to Romania.

I could put the character's origins just about anywhere in history, although I'm shooting for somewhere in the hazy void of time between "half a millenium ago" and "could have met Jesus," so somewhere in the Middle Ages is probably the best bet.
  • fydyan

Mormon teenage boys and chastity

This involves Mormon teenage boys, in present day Utah. I've done a lot of reading about the law of chastity, but I have some questions that need a first hand perspective. I've learned what's *expected*, but not what actually happens in reality. I know there are a variety of experiences and attitudes, but I need to get a sense of what is common. Questions about sexuality are behind the cut,
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Japanese milestone birthdays?

Googled: Japanese milestone birthdays, Japanese birthdays, and a few other incarnations

Setting: Anywhere from Edo period Japan to the modern day (doesn't matter all that much really)

Are there any milestone birthdays celebrated after the ages of 7 but before middle and old age in Japan? The searches I tried brought up the "7-5-3" Shichi-go-San tradition and mentions of birthdays like 60, 70, and beyond. I'm looking for any special milestone birthday during the teen or pre-teen years. I can fudge the age a bit, so let's say anywhere between 12-15.