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Child Genious + Asperger Syndrome + ADD



I'll try to be brief. I have a character that is supposed to be a genius (present time, europe), he has Eidetic Memory and can access that knowledge at will. However, as I was researching Eidetic Memory and children considered geniuses I realized that some of them have their abilities due to a disorder or pathology that disables them in other areas.

As for Eidetic Memory I came across Asperger Syndrome and I thought it would be quite natural for my character to have that disorder. However I read that Asperger's can be meassured like the Bipolar Disorder or Autism, but then another source said that Asperger's unlike Autism could not be graded.

That got me confused. If Asperger's cannot be graded then I'm afraid I cannot use that for my character and I really would like a limitation for him.

Then I thought that if not Asperger's he might have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) considering the amount of imformation this character would have inside his brain, it makes sense he would tend to get distracted. I read the case of a girl who had Eidetic Memory and ADD, because her brain worked at such a furious speed to gather information that she lost concentration because of the most stupid things, like a fly, a bell, or light reflected over a piece of glass.

So now, question: Can Asperger Syndrome be graded like Bipolar Disorder or Autims? And, can someone with Eidemic Memory also have ADD? 

Thanks before hand for your help

EDIT: As for the "graded" part of my post.

Well, I have a friend who has Bipolar Disorder and she's a completely normal person. Then one of my colleagues at work had a breakdown and I learned she was bipolar too. SO I asked my friend and she told me Bipolar Disorder, as well as Autism have different degrees.

Like my friend has 0.5 (I think) and this co-worker or mine had 2.

So it is not a definite disorder? As if all affected act the same.

EDIT2: Thank you so much, guys. You have been really helpful! LOVE YOU ALL!!


Stab wound to chest: breathing difficulties, bleeding

When: Era equivalent to Late Imperial Rome, with appropriate medical technologies.
Where: Isolated highway, several days' journey from any major city. However, a moderately-experienced layperson who has treated chest wounds in the past is immediately available.
Googled: Variations on "stab wound", "stab wound to chest", "breathing difficulties", "extensive bleeding", "heavy bleeding", and "recovery time" or "recovery schedule"; also consulted Little_Details archives, including two similar problems.

I've found loads of wonderful information, and now I'm down to two potential injuries:

1. A stab wound approximately 1" long, puncturing the lung and causing partial collapse of the lung. To the best of my knowledge, the use of a chest tube was unknown until the 1500's, so it would not be realistic for the doctor to use a chest tube or attempt draining the wound, and the lung would have to re-inflate on its own as the excess fluid was reabsorbed.

Could a character, under these circumstances, recover enough to stand and walk with assistance after three-to-five days? Assume a reasonably healthy individual with no auto-immune diseases and no other current infections.

I strongly suspect the answer is "No!" but this would be the most convenient scenario.

If not, how long before the individual was able to walk with assistance? To resume her normal lifestyle --mostly hiking but with some strenuous climbing?

ETA: Thank you to both responders. I think I have my answer --this really isn't a workable scenario. The responses were wonderful: I really appreciate the help.
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questions about WWI military

I have a character in the early 1900’s who, as you may have guessed, fought in WWI. He’s a good working country boy, sweet and pretty intelligent, but not in college, mostly because his family can’t afford it. Right now I’m saying he was drafted in 1914 and was sent home in 1919, but that’s not concrete and can change as needed.

My military knowledge is pretty limited, and I’ve done what research I can on WWI, but a lot of the questions are too specific for places like Google and Wiki. Any and all help is much appreciated!

1. This character just so happens to be gay. I know that’s a whole other issue in itself, but what would that be like for him in the military? This is before the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, obviously, and he most certainly won’t go around blabbing that he’s in a relationship with his childhood friend, but what would happen if someone did know? Would they kick him out? Would they ask all the men entering the army? Would it be addressed at all, or would it just be assumed that all the men are straight? It’s my understanding that attitudes towards homosexuals were just beginning to loosen up at this time, but I’d like to know more about this and what kind of issue it would be, if any at all.

2. What is the highest possible (and realistic) rank this man could achieve during his time in the military? He’s a hard worker, extremely fair, but can also make important decisions when needed. He’s the kind of man who does the whole dramatically-take-a-bullet-for-a-friend thing. I don’t expect him to come home running the whole army, but I do want him to be rather decorated and high ranking without having to spend years and years in active service.

3. After he’s achieved whatever rank this is, he’s then taken as a P.O.W. by whoever is most convenient at the moment. I’m really more focused on the character and what’s happening immediately around him, so who takes him exactly doesn’t really matter. That being said, if they want information from him, are they likely to torture him? Will he be taken to a camp or somewhere by himself?

4. What are the chances of his side rescuing him? Will he have to make an escape on his own, or will they come and get him? Will they do a prisoner trade? Where would his side take him after he’s back behind their lines? If he’s injured badly enough, can they send him home with honorable discharge?

5. Is there anything else I should know? Like I said, my military knowledge is sketchy and really rather random, so anything you think could be important is much appreciated. Like I also said, I’m more specifically focused on the character rather than getting every single detail right, but I’d still like this to be as accurate as possible.

Thanks so much for all the help!
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Stalking info needed

present day

google/yahoo-fbi crime classification manual, types of stalkers
trutv.com-crime library

My character stalks a woman that works in the same office as them. They, the stalker and stalkee never actually meet. The stalker stalks the stalkee because they're infatuated with her but according to everything i've read the stalker has to have met the stalkee at least once before and been rejected by them or feel as if the stalkee has wronged them in some way or feel as if the stalkee loves them or want to have some form of intimacy with the stalkee., to begin the stalking process.

My problem is my stalker never actually meets the stalkee, as in they never actually have words,isn't in love with the stalkee, and doesn't feel as if the stalkee is in love with them.

My question is, is it possible to form an obession strong enough to lead to stalking without being in love with or ever having had words with the person you're stalking?

Also is it possible to stalk a person without the person knowing?