October 1st, 2008

Cannilbalism pratices/ drugging people

Hi, I searched through the archive here, and I've searched for 'non-survival' & 'ritualistic' cannibalism on yahoo, google and through my universitys online database.

The setting is present Wyoming.

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The location for sail repair on a ship in 1700's

I have tried in vain to find a solution to this question, come up dead no matter my combos of words, so now I turn to you all.

I'm working on a story set in the early 1700's on a ship in the Caribbean. One of my characters is told to help with the sail repair on the ship at sea. My question -- where would this (the repairing of torn sails) take place? On the deck? Under the deck? In a special workshop? I was assuming the sails would not be strung up on the mast and in use at the time, but maybe I'm wrong there.

I've tried various combinations of terms "sail repair," "boatswain," "sail repair location," etc, without any luck. I simply find info about the job (which I have oodles of information about already). Would anyone know the answer to this?


ETA: Looks like the gen consensus seems to be it was done on deck in good weather, which is what I suspected but did not know 100%. Thanks!
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Electrical units/Voltage

Okay, I wasn't really sure how to even research this question on google, etc. so I thought I would ask here first. I hope that's okay. O.O

I'm writing a particular scene in my story (present day) where a cyborg is thrown against one of those electrical units you find inside commercial buildings. Usually the big ones that control all the electricity for the building that's in the basement where the generators are also located, etc.

My first question is does anyone know what exactly those units are called? What the cyborg would be thrown against...

Next question is does anyone about how much electricity/voltage those units would give off when damaged like that?

Any help is appreciated! :)
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