September 30th, 2008

mixing types of skiing

[not a good subject - sorry]

When: current day

Where: current Earth

Searched: I read the Wikipedia entry on "skiing" and derivatives; it tells me what's possible, but not how things work in real life.


My MC is about 40, in better than average shape, and an experienced (but not expert) Alpine and Nordic skier.

They're out on a solo backcountry/free-range run. I know solo is not the brightest thing, but the terrain isn't particularly difficult, they're correctly equipped (map, GPS cell-phone, small survival pack), and they're self-confident enough to try it.

Everything is wonderful ... until the hair on their neck goes up - they're being hunted.

Safety, or the first attempt at safety, is 20 minutes minimum if they stay mostly on the flat ... or less than five minutes if they can cut downhill where the terrian allows.

Will their equipment allow them to do that? I know generic Alpine and Nordic gear really doesn't cross over, but the Wikipedia article suggests there versions which can be used (sub-optimally) for both.

Alternate question:
If the exact scenario Just Doesn't Work(tm) - can it be rehabilitated?

Car Accident- Rollover, Side Collison-Injuries

Premise: Set in present day San Diego, California. Three people are in a car. They get hit on the passenger side and the car begins to flip. The characters are two eighteen year olds boys (in the front) and a fourteen year old girl, sitting in the middle of the back seat.
Search: Google, for "rollover car injuries, flipping car injuries; and Wikipedia for "car accidents, rollovers, side collisions". I didn't really find anything helpful.

1) What kind of injuries would occur? 
2) Is it possible to walk away with no injuries?
3) How bad would the damage be to the car? 
4) For the two eighteen year old brothers- They're their emergency contacts. Their little sister is the fourteen year old. Would the parents still be called for the eighteen year olds?

Test if something is photoshopped

I'm assuming that there's no "real" way to see if something (in this case, a color photograph) has been Photoshopped, but what would someone look for if they were investigating?

The story is set in present-day, USA.

And if there is a way to make sure if the photo's been photographed or not, please tell me!

(googled "test if photoshopped" + "test photoshopped" + "how to test if photoshopped")

ETA: THANKS EVERYONE! I got a lot of information out of this, and it was all very helpful! I admit, some of these things I hadn't even considered. I have much love for this community right now :)