September 29th, 2008

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Sunscreen alternatives when stranded on a tropical island

Story set in the mid- to late-60's, on a deserted tropical island. I haven't dedicated to a particular area yet; I'm thinking either Polynesian or Caribbean. Answers might help me place them.

I'm wondering if there's a natural form of sunscreen (or something with sun protective properties) that could be utilized when stranded on a tropical island. I've searched Google with "surviving on a desert island" and "natural sunscreen alternatives," but I can't seem to find anything that crosses both subjects. (Also, I'm a really *lousy* Googler. :/ )

I found one that suggested that coconut oil could be slathered on the skin to slow (but not prevent) the occurrence of sunburn; is this true? And also, is there another alternative in you're allergic to coconut?

(Just to clarify, I'm looking for things that can be used as a kind of sunscreen, not practices to prevent sunburn, like wearing wide-brimmed hats or avoiding sun exposure during 10a and 4p.)
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Chicago Police Height Restrictions (and lack thereof)

Setting: Chicago (modern day)
Googled: many variations of "chicago police officer height restrictions abolished"
Question: Does anyone know when the height restrictions were dropped from the Chicago Police officer requirements? I know that they don't have them anymore, I know that they used to be 5 8" for a male and 5 4" for a female (or so I have read), but I haven't be able to find out the year they were dropped.

Thanks kindly!
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disease effects, missing persons, other stuff.

Okay... here's the situation. I have a boy - let's say about 11 years old - who gets infected with lycanthropy. I've already decided how transformations will proceed. They're neccessary about every month, maybe more or less per person, and if you try to go without too long, they'll come anyway, and because you're fighting your body, it's worse.

Think like when you need to throw up and fight it, versus just getting it over with - don't you feel better afterwards?

ANYWAY... any thoughts on possible effects on someone born as a werewolf or given the disease as a child? I'm specifically looking for physical things like "they'll hit puberty faster, in theory" or "due to this constant changing, their body will take a toll and they'll be sick a lot" or something along those lines. Ideas? I'm open to anything, no matter how speculative (as long as it makes some sort of medical sense and isn't based on magic), cause I need to flesh out this disease!

I've looked on google for about a half an hour now, and can't seem to find anything beyond feral children and 'the boy who cried wolf'.

Two... a family of four goes to take a weekend at a cabin which has recently been willed to the mother. They are due to move into a house the Tuesday after, and the father is supposed to start his job (high-paying paper-pusher, if it really matters) on the Wednesday. The children are not enrolled in the new school, and they have no living family and no friends in the new town (which is about 300 miles from the old home and across a state border).

How long will it be till someone notices that they're missing? I'm assuming the fact that the father doesn't show up will cause some trouble. They told their work associates and neighbors that they were going to 'the family cabin' for the weekend, but nothing more specific. These people won't be looking for them, as they've only been living in that town for 6 months or so.

When someone does notice they're not at the new place, what's likely to happen? Or will they just assume plans changed. When they do realize they've dropped off the map, how long would it be until the cabin is found?

No idea how one would google this, so...

Thanks in advance!
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