September 23rd, 2008

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4-months pregnant woman involved in a vehicular accident suffers head trauma

Setting : Present time
Googled : amnesia, amnesia due to head trauma, head trauma, retrograde amnesia

In my story, the character loses memories of the past 2 years of her life and forgets certain people, but not her family and best friend. I've already established that her baby would be okay.

1. How badly would she had to have hit her head for this to happen? Would she also be in a coma as a result?

2. What other complications would she experience, assuming that the real major damage she sustained was to her head?

3. What kind of therapy and treatment would she have to undergo to regain some, if not all, of her memories? Is it really possible for her to remember the people she forgot if she interacts with them?

4. What would be the long-term effects of her amnesia assuming that she manages to regain her memories?
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After passing out?

Setting: London, Present Day.

My MC (22, medium build,regular drinker) has drunk himself into unconsciousness. He was drinking Scotch, if that matters. I've found a lot of into about passing out, but I can't find anything about waking up.

If you get so drunk you pass out, what do you feel like when you wake up? Physically and mentally? Would you have a head ache, or feel woozy? Would you be disoriented? Would it take you a second to realize where you were or what had happened? Would you actually remember what happened?

Searched: Google, wikipedia for 'alcohol', 'passing out', 'aftermath', 'waking up'

Untouchables of India

I am looking for information regarding the untouchable people of India, particularly during the classical civilization period (up until around 500 C.E.), and the differences between their rights and the rights of slaves in India during that time period. Whether or not the untouchables had more legal representation, social rights, etc.

Googled all sorts of combinations of India, classical period, untouchables, rights, untouchables and slavery in India, but not much of any help has come up.
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Desert Clothing

Setting: Fantasy world

I am just curious about cloth. What culture the cloth comes from doesn't matter, as long as it is a desert culture. I have a character hailing from a fantasy desert, and I am wondering what his clothes would be made of.

Various lightweight cloths are made from plants, worms, etc. Like linen and silk. In the desert, presumably flax would have a hard time growing and silk worms would have nothing to eat. So did ancient desert people trade and/or buy their fabric, or did they have some other kind of desert-made cloth (besides wool and leather)?