September 9th, 2008

Myths/Folk tales with memory loss a central theme

Setting: In the here and now.
Search: a combination of myths + memory loss, ancient myths + memory and a combination of all of them with similar words.

I’m writing a story where one of the main characters claims he murders because he’s possessed by a ghost looking for their lost memories. At the end of the story, I’d like the other main character to tell them a story about some ancient myth involving the loss of memories.

What I’m looking for are folk tales and/or ancient myths where someone loses their memory [or really something that I could equate or adapt to the loss of memory, ie they lost their soul or something] preferably as a consequence for great cruelty.

Additionally, if anything involves human sacrifice then that would be especially nifty [the main character who kills has sometimes practiced cannibalism of his victims]

EDIT: Thanks so much for the quick responses, I meant to add that I'm trying to avoid Greek mythology only because it seems to be the one that gets used so often and I'd like to have something a little different.

New York City Pushcart Vending Hours (Present day)

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I know that New York is dubbed "the city that never sleeps" but are there any regulations governing the hours when the hotdog and pretzel vendors are allowed to hawk their wares?


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