September 4th, 2008


Pottery - kilns at home?

Setting: New England area in the US
Time: now
Searches: wiki articles on pottery and methods, and on kilns; google - purchasing a kiln, cost of a kiln, etc; read a bunch of threads on that used so much jargon that I had no idea what they were saying

I have a character who's a ceramics artist and has a ceramics studio in her basement. She has her own potter's wheel for sure, but I'm trying to figure out if she'd own her own kiln, as well. She's a teenager (16), so she's not a professional, but she'd like to be one day. Her family is fairly wealthy and she's had her own wheel since she was eleven. I'm pretty clear on the electricity costs of actually firing a kiln, but totally unclear on the cost of actually purchasing a kiln and on whether that's something that a non-pro would have at home. If it makes any difference, she lives in a small town and may have quite a drive to get to a pottery co-op or an arts center that might have a kiln, unless that's the kind of thing a community center would have...

So anyway, would a non-pro, small town, semi-wealthy teen have her own kiln? If so, what kind of kiln might she have, so that I can further research how it works?

And if not, I assume she would have to let her ceramics harden and then drive them to someplace that has a kiln, fire them there, glaze them there, and fire them there again? Or would she have to take them back home for glazing in between?