September 2nd, 2008

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Runaway arrested in Japan - what happens?

Scenario: In a medium-sized Japanese city. in the modern day, a
twelve-year-old boy is arrested for purse-snatching (which he actually
didn't do; the purse was dumped in his hands by the fleeing criminal).
He is a homeless orphan, with no identification. He has no surviving adult relatives. Assume he is able to convince them of his innocence. What will happen next? Will the police keep him under arrest while looking for his parents? Will he be put in foster care? Released? How long will it take?

Searched for "japan juvenille arrest procedure", "japan child law", etc. Found out there is a seperate court system and police have broad discretion with delinquients, but no procedural details.

Dialogue check: preflight squadron check by flight commander

I'm in need of search terms, or better yet a good example of the preflight dialogue, for the following scenario:

World War II, U.S. Army Air Corps.

A flight of 9 C-47 troop transport aircraft is preparing to take off for a paratrooper drop mission. From movies and common knowledge only I am aware of some sort of pre-flight checklist the lead pilot goes through. In my particular scenario, the lead pilot on this plane is the major commanding the entire mission. The planes are "grouped" in three sets of three. How would he radio the other planes to check on their readiness? An all-systems-go-everybody sort of conversation?

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The only thing I could think of to search was "preflight + checklist + C-47".

Thanks! (originally posted to military_beta but this comm gets better traffic and i need the draft done by thursday.)

For reference, the actual event:
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Death of Prison Inmate's Family + Lutheran Funerals

Attempted search terms: "family of criminals funerals", "Lutheran funerals", California Department of Corrections visitor's website, Wikipedia articles on funerals and Lutheranism.

Setting is California, a bit in the future but with a good deal of things that seem similar to today's laws and such.

I have a character with a brother in jail in California. Let's call the character A and the imprisoned brother B. B is in prison on two counts of murder, so he may or may not be on Death Row, it's never stated. A commits suicide (actually with one of the things B used to murder someone, he broke into the evidence locker and stole it - it's poison).

Would B be allowed to go to A's funeral? A is in his mid twenties and B is in his early thirties, if that makes any difference. Also, there isn't really any other family, at least none that would come to A's funeral. A was famous, so there would be a good deal of press and fans at the funeral (or at least attempting to be there).

Would B be allowed, but only with a guard? He's not a violent inmate - he's treated rather well at the prison, and he's only really shown psychopathic behavior (in public) a few times. Or would a judge rule that this is completely unacceptable?

Next question: These two were raised vaguely Lutheran, but don't really practice at all. I'm... uncertain as to what the funeral would be like. The main thing I'm wondering about is about open casket versus closed casket, or if there would be anything really of note besides there being a few prayers, maybe a eulogy or two. I've... actually only been to a few Jewish funerals, which is why I'm asking.

Thank you very much!

Head injuries leading to immediate unconsciousness but not death

Setting; Victorian London.
Search terms used; combinations and permutations of head injury, head trauma, unconsciousness, blunt object. I'm getting lots of sites with medical information in case of head injury, first aid advice, and news stories about various injuries, but nothing that tells me what I actually need to know.

So, what I need to know is, if I have a physically weak and rather timid and squeamish man in his thirties who wishes in incapacitate but not kill a young woman, but who, for plot reasons, can't use any sort of drug, am I right in thinking that a blunt injury to the head is probably his best bet? And if so, where does he need to hit her? And with what? Back of the head with a lead-weighted club? Temple with a bottle? Obviously it's not necessarily going to be easy for him to ensure that he'll knock her out with one blow but that he doesn't kill her immediately (the injury can be fatal as long as it's not _immediately_ fatal; he needs her to be alive for at least another hour or so after the injury, and he needs her to be unconscious for at least half an hour; after that it doesn't matter whether she wakes up or not); roughly where is the line? What's his best bet for ensuring that she's quickly incapacitated but not dead?

He doesn't have any military training, so his main advantage is the element of surprise. It's important to him that she doesn't bleed out too much, if at all, so it does need to be a blunt object, and he can't rely on blood loss to render her unconscious.

He doesn't have one specific victim in mind though, so he can practice a few times on different people, to learn what works and what doesn't. (Worryingly, my first thought was "I don't need to know, he can practice a few times and find out." Then I realised that doesn't help me much...)

Also, a secondary question; in a normal, healthy adult who is not inebriated or on drugs, how soon after death does blood coagulate or settle? My character needs to extract some blood from a recently-deceased corpse (who was previously healthy, and died of strangulation or a broken neck). He doesn't have any medical technology, no anti-coagulants, no coolers or anything like that, just standard scalpels, flasks and bowls, and so on. He also doesn't have the facilities to hang the body up, so it will be lying on a flat surface, although the limbs can hang off the edge of the surface if necessary. If he cuts open a major blood vessel or three, for how long after death will he be able to get a pint or so of "unspoiled" blood? After that, will it just not come out in sufficient quantities, or will it change colour or consistency?

Many thanks!