August 28th, 2008

Kev Noir

Female police detectives in the 1950s

 My idea is this: I have a young (20s) policewoman who has made the detective bureau and (at least ostensibly) provides a role model for other policewomen and proto-feminists and gains much publicity as a hero cop (though she turns out to be a bigger gangster than a lot of the guys she busts).  In addition, as well as being tough and strong, she is incredibly sexy and is not averse to using her sex appeal to her advantage (not necessarily using her sexual favours as a bargaining chip so much as the possibility thereof, using her beauty as well as her wits to get ahead).  It's the early to mid-1950s and she's with the NYPD.

I've googled the necessary keywords, and from what I can glean so far, she'd have to be either with narcotics or pickpocketing, and it'll be 1970 before she has the same pay, the same opportunities and the same prospects for advancement as her male counterparts.  (Could less pay for female cops be a motivating factor for corruption)?

Basically, what I'm interested in is how likely is my scenario?  Is it a viable premise for a novel?
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Tracking location of cell phone in Great Britian

Searched: Various permutations of 'cell phone tracing', cell phone location tracking', 'cell phone GPS tracking' etc.

And found out that nowadays it's pretty easy to track a cell phone location if they have a GPS built into it. And that putting GPS into phones was strongly encoraged/required in America after 911. Alas, that doesn't quite answer my questions.

I need to know if GPS enabled phones are required/universal in Wales/Great Britian and if you bought a cheap phone from a five-and-dime type store, would it have GPS? If you were spesifically looking for a phone that *didn't* have GPS, could you find it?

Also, if someone calls your phone number and they get your voicemail because you don't pick up the phone - have they pinged your phone or have they hit the phone service providers message system. In other words, if somone calls your phone and someone else is monitoring, does that call reach the target phone or is it halted in the mysteirous 'voicemail' land?

Sandra Bullock

Sudden death by accident - personality change.

Setting: Harry Potter universe, which is only relevant because of the possibility of using a necromantic ritual to make a dead person live again.

I'm here to order a injury/death. Hope anyone can help me, please.

The character to die (and live again), is a 16 year old student, and dancer. Thus, so-said boy is very agile and fit. I need my character to die in an non-magical accident, which would be easy enough for me to find, I suppose, if only I didn't have a few criteria.

1) The body in question should have to be in good condition. I want him to be able to move, breathe, think, study, and most importantly, dance like he used to. I can't have him being burnt to a crisp either. He just needs to die, suddenly, because of a very stupid accident that would have either brother or father actually do the necromantic ritual. (I'm thinking more the brother, as it is possible they were doing something extremely forbidden by their parents.)

2) Is it even possible for him to have a depression, become bi polar, change personalities or to have horrible mood swings after being brought back to life again without this involving a brain injury? Or are brain injuries the only way to go with this?

If anyone could point me into a direction, I'd be grateful, because as it stands, I have no specifics and it proving to be a rather important part of the characters backgrounds.

Promotion time in the US Army and uniform protocol for vets

I have a character who graduated from West Point before going into the Rangers. I know that there's a minimum in-service time before he can be promoted- will his time as a cadet count for any portion of that? For example, the minimum time for qualification into the Special Forces is four and a half years- would he be able to qualify with less, based on his time at West Point? (if it matters, he was a Cadet First Captain in school and has had positions of responsibilty ever since.) Is the minimum time in-service set in stone?

Second question: Are the Army 'service green' uniforms distinct from the 'dress greens'? Wikipedia is confusing the hell out of me on this issue. If someone could let me know which uniforms a First Lieutenant in the Army in 2004 was required to have, I would be very grateful.

Finally: What is the protocol for Army vets regarding their uniforms? Would it be acceptable, for example, for a vet to wear his dress blues on his wedding day or at a memorial service on Veteran's Day?

Thanks in advance!

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Norse Wedding Traditions/Ceremonies

Searched: Yahoo & Google

Queries: "Norse wedding traditions," "Norse marriage traditions," "Scandinavian wedding ceremonies," you get the idea.

Premise: One of my favorite OCs to write is a Highlander!Immortal raised in the double-digits AD in Norway (just because the Viking hadn't started raiding didn't mean they didn't exist). Lately, she's gotten involved with someone who's even older than she is & it's very likely going to turn serious sometime down the road.

Question: What are some Norse/Scandinavian wedding/marriage traditions?