August 25th, 2008


ptsd and/or depression in cancer survivors

This is all preliminary research for a story I'm thinking of writing. I need to flesh out the plot and figure out if I need to alter my assumptions.

Modern day, big city in the United States (probably San Francisco). Chinese-American woman in her late 20s/early 30s received a bone marrow transplant to treat her leukemia, and now she's in the beginning stages of re-entering society. Before treatment she was a fairly quiet person that kept to herself and didn't have many friends. Since treatment, she's become even more withdrawn. She doesn't sleep well, doesn't like going outside or interacting with people, and can't stop thinking about her cancer.

I need to know some more about what's going on in her head. What does she think about? What does she focus on? What are some of the things that are going to trigger her? What are some things that were previously easy for her to do that are now incredibly challenging? And--this sounds incredibly stupid, I'm sure--but how much of her hair will have grown back?

I've searched for various permutations of cancer survivor + ptsd + psychology + surviving cancer + blog, and I've searched the memories of this community. I've come across a few blogs that are incredibly useful for describing the day-to-day minutiae of having cancer and receiving treatment, but this woman's dealing with the aftermath (and I'd be surprised if many cancer survivors want to blog about their PTSD).

If anyone can share some experiences, direct me to more pertinent blogs, or suggest books, I'd be incredibly grateful.
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Results of car crashes

I've tried Googling various things for this, such as 'leg injuries', 'back injuries', 'results of car crashes' and so on, but none of it has been very fruitful.

Basically, I'm trying to think of some injuries for my character. He will be involved in a car crash, and will be the person behind the wheel. It doesn't particularly matter what sort of car it is, but it'd be a good quality, reasonably new car. Before the crash he'd be in excellent physical condition, a lot of muscle and athleticism, and in his late twenties. As for injuries, I'm thinking either something leg or back related but I'm very open. And that's where you guys (hopefully) come in!

I really want him to have some kind of injury that'll require extensive physiotherapy and hard work, and severely impede his mobility for a while, with the very real possibility that the injury will never completely heal. Chronic pain for some time after the accident would be fine, and some mild scarring would be fabulous. The thing is, I don't know what sort of injury/injuries could have these effects, or what sort of car crash would cause them - whether he'd be trapped in the vehicle afterwards, whether he'd be thrown clear, etc. Any help would be very much appreciated!
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COrporate relations?

Hi there,

this is a question set in modern day US, no specific location other than "not deep south"m, big city. Think Boston or Seattle.

I have attempted to google "corporate policy on relationships" "workplace relationships" and other similar strings but it is hard for me to find anything that actually reflects the unspoken policy on the infamous "workplace romance"

What I need to know is, how major a deal would it be in a large, possibly multinational company for someone who is basically a BOFH (as in major systems-networks-coffee makers admin) who gets involved with someone who works in the internal helpdesk of the company. Technically in the same managerial chain but not directly involved. She is much lower on the ladder in a different branch although still under the same generic department, aka IT.

So my question is this: no one knows that they are having relations and he is pretty muich going to put through a request to get her as his PFY (generally, gofer bitch) she has all the performance targets, etc, to show that yes this is the one he should go for when his current PFY decides that he wants to do something else cause obviously no amount of midgets with rocket launchers will dislodge the current BOFH.

My question is this, if she does become the pfy through somewhat unorhthodox promotion of "hey, he picked you cause he wanted to" how much trouble would both of them be if it turns out she is pregnant with his child and they intend to marry: What exactly are the sections of corporate policy-law-etc this one would be breaking? Just how much of a career suicide would doing this be to both of them?

thanks in advance!
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The scent of wildflowers

This is a question primarily for people in the northern United States. Which wildflowers grow in that region that, if picked and put in a vase, would be likely to perfume a room?

Background: One of my characters sneaks in to his love-interest's room, to put a vase holding a bouquet of wildflowers that he's picked for his ladylove there. As the first clue she has is opening her door and smelling the flowers, I need flowers that have a scent that is strong enough to be smelled two metres/six feet away from the blossoms. (Yes, this is meant to be creepy.)

I've searched and found lists of flowers that would be available to him and lots of pictures of them, but no pages that describe the strength of the scent of each of these flowers. Help, please?

Addenum for clarification: I didn't realise that the exact area would be a major factor, sorry. The city is Seattle, the year is 1921, and the month is April. Also, he's a Stalker With a Crush, so he wants the bouquet to be pretty, so several different flowers in the bunch is fine.