August 21st, 2008

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Photos of interior of Sands casino?

Hey, folks. I know this is a bit off the beaten track for this group: I'm hoping y'all don't mind. A friend is putting together a (historically accurate) casino night, and is looking for *interior* photos of the old Sands in Las Vegas (edit: from the '60s) -- specifically, the casino and Copa room. Any ideas, or suggestions where to look?

Many thanks!
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American Schools, Subjects, Grades etc

First time posting, so if I do something wrong please tell me and I'll fix it.

Characters: A 12 year old boy from Washington State who has just moved to California to live in a foster home (there are extenuating reasons for him moving states) where there is a 13 year old girl and two 14 year old boys already (also foster kids).

Year: 2007/2008

The issues: I've been trying to find information on a few things (and struggling to get the sort of answers I need via, wiki etc):

1) In Washington State, would the 12 year old be in Middle School or Junior High School? What about in California? And would the 13 and 14 yr olds be in Middle School or Junior High School in California?

2) What subjects would be taught in the respective schools, generally speaking? Are the sciences split down into biology, chemistry and physics at that stage? What sort of languages are taught (in the UK it is mainly French, with German in the later years - or at least, it was when I was at school!).

3) The kids are going to be home schooled, not by the parent figure but by a private tutor. Is this still called home schooling? Especially if they go to her house for the lessons (but there aren't other kids there, so it's not a private school). How realistic would it be for a group of private tutors and home schooling parents to get together and buy a small place where joint lessons such as PT can take place, and after school type activities like chess club, science club etc could happen (also, what sort of clubs do schools tend to have)? If not realistic, how could I get this sort of social interaction - youth centre?

Sorry to be such a pain, but I'm not even sure about the UK education system these days and I live here!! Any and all help would be welcomed. I'm trying not to worry too much about it as the story is an AU and so could occur in an AU world as well. Having said that, I'd like to be as realistic as possible.

Thank you. If you're wondering, it's for a Stargate: Atlantis fic.
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SAT requirements for adult student (almost)

Time: present day (2008)
Place: USA

Character: a 23-year old woman, separating from the USAF

Already searched: "SATs," +SAT +"adult student", 'SAT retake', SAT +veterans (I had no idea test prep materials were free to vets - nice!), and been all over the College Boards website, the SATs wiki entry and a series of university and college websites.

The situation is thus: my character took the SATs in 2003, so before the addition of the essay section in 2005. She scored somewhat below excellent (not a scholarly type), and ended up going into the Air Force instead. She (thinks she) is leaving the Air Force soon, and is starting to figure out all the requirements for college as an adult.

The main question: Does she have to retake the SATs? Does she have the option to retake them, even if it's not mandatory? If she does retake the test, would the scores average, or since the test has changed in the meantime, would the new score replace the old?

Or would it all be specific to the school/program she'd apply to? Most universities and colleges I looked at have 25 years old as the lower cutoff for an adult student, so she doesn't qualify under those programs. Would there be a difference if she were applying for an Associates rather than a Bachelors Degree? (I'm not American, so I don't have experience with your college/university systems at all.)

Any help on any of the above questions would be much appreciated. It's not a huge part of the plot, but I don't want to look like an utter tool by talking about the American system from the point of view of an American and bunging it all up.
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Movie kisses

Time: 1980
Place: somewhere in Western Europe
Characters: two 15 or 16 yo girls

I want a character to refer to a movie kiss as in "Well, [actor or character] he [= speaker's crush] isn't, but...".

What actor/character in what movie/scene could she be referring to? Something they'd consider highly romantic with an added dose of "classy" and/or angst.

They have rather mainstream tastes (mostly Hollywood), with some interest in classic movies, and aren't that interested in teen romances or musicals.

I'm romance-challenged and cannot come up with anything that feels right, so I'd be grateful for any ideas.

Searches so far: Browsed the IMDb for inspiration.

Edited to remove redundant word

ETA: Thanks, everyone! I have a much better idea now where to look. The shortlist is now Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Burt Lancester, Warren Beatty. I'm off to the movie sites ....