August 19th, 2008

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ice-skating production venues in NYC

Setting: modern-day New York City (well, it's set in the future, 2012-2014)
Research: I've tried Googling various terms together: "ice rink" + "disney on ice" + "manhattan", and other various permutations. I've also tried going to ticketmaster and searching up Disney on Ice productions in the New York City/Tri-State area to look for venues.

I'm looking for venues for ice-skating productions like Disney on Ice, close to Manhattan - the closest one I can find is the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, but I'm looking for something closer to the city (not on Long Island), in walking/short cab ride distance from Central Park (if that's at all possible...)

ETA: Thanks so much for all the help, you guys are great :) All the suggestions were exactly what I was looking for! I will probably end up using Madison Square Garden. Thanks again!
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Question regarding Clink Street Prison/Museum

Hi guys. I've been Googling and Wiki-ing for ages ("clink street" + london, "clink street prison", "clink prison museum," etc.), and I still haven't been able to answer this very simple question: in 1975, was the Clink Prison Museum yet built? I'm aware that the prison itself burned down in 1780, and that a warehouse was at some point built on the spot, and that eventually the museum was establshed in that old warehouse--but I need to know when. Any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Got the answer! Thank you!
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Murder, Release of Body for Burial

Setting: (Small town) Wyoming, USA, modern-era/very near future

Scenario: There's been a murder - the head of a teenage male has been tossed into the middle of a Halloween party. The victim was one of the guests who wandered outside and in the space of minutes (there is supernatural involvement here, hence the speed) was decapitated and his head thrown in through a window, smashing it. His body is found outside, not too far away.

Question #1: What would be the police procedure for dealing with this many witnesses (30+)? All of them were in the room at the same time, and all say the same thing: the head just appeared.

Question #2: Two people did not witness the head's appearance - a young couple "otherwise occupied" out in the hallway. They heard the screams and came running into the main room. People confirm they came in from the wrong direction to be involved. The complication with these two is that the girl has recently become involved with the police - less than two weeks earlier she was mailed a human heart (taken from a murder victim) as a very nasty birthday "present". It's pretty obvious that the events are connected and that someone really doesn't like her. What do the police say/do about her?

Question #3: How long until the body is released to the family for burial? There's not much the body can say except what the weapon was and that it went through the obviously shattered window, if it helps.