August 16th, 2008


Large hotels, inner rooms, ductwork, etc.

Googled: rooms in baltimore area, rooms with no windows, also called several large hotels on the phone

1. I want to have a hotel room that has no windows. In my mind, there is an outer room with a window that views the area, and an inner room, perhaps an economy room which does not have a window. Is this possible?

2. I have looked at a lot of hotel rooms, and all of them do not have pictures of the door. Are there hinges on the doors on the inside of the room? Most hotels I have been to have had doors that opened inwards, which means the hinges would be on the inside. Is this true?

3. Most hotels I have been too have large metal air conditioning units on the far side of the room from the door. Are these units hard to dismantle with almost no tools except for a pocket knife? If you were to dismantle them, is there a duct behind them leading to... well anything? If there is a duct, is it large enough for a human to fit through, including if it was a female and she was very skinny?

edit: The story has some metaphysical elements to it, so I can just disappear the window during sleeping. And I can probably fudge the central air conditioning to have a vent shaft if I need it (i might not even need to use it in the story, just keeping my options open)
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Towing a car

Would a 1967 Chevy Impala be able to tow a 2-door 1986 GMC Sierra Grande? With a normal towline?

Sorry, I had no idea how to google that :(

ETA: Thank you all :) Yes, it's for an SPN fic. Wasn't that hard to guess, was it? *grin*