August 15th, 2008

[Kurt] Lookin' fly

Psychiatric Ward -- banned substances help.

Setting: Present-day Osaka, Japan
Searches: Psychiatric ward banned substances, mental asylum contraband, combination of those.

Question: I need a list of banned substances that would be considered standard for a long term psychiatric care facility. I have a few substances collected, but nothing that allows me to compile a complete list without question. A lot of them have to do with daily life activities -- for example, will they be able to eat with chopsticks? Etc, etc.

Any help?
  • jyaki

Effects of unneeded lithium dosage

Hi there... I've looked through the tags on this comm and tried various keyword combos in Google, but my mad skills seem to be failing me today. So I'm hoping someone here can give me a general idea:

I have a character, specifically a healthy young-adult male, who as part of the plot has been committed to a mental institution to 'get rid of him'. The staff have been led to believe he's genuinely ill and administer medication, specifically lithium, which he is forced to take. Assuming they've chosen what they believe will be a therapeutic dose for him (I realize the necessary dosage, amount of time, etc differs from person to person, but for my purposes I can safely fudge these), what kind of effects is he likely to experience?

Thanks very much.
Modern-day mermaid

Trendy restaurant in New York City in 2000.

Setting: New York city, 2000.

I have three characters going out for lunch on a Saturday. Two are in their mid-twenties, the third is a bit below 20. One of them is a local, and it's her birthday. The other two are friends visiting her on the occasion.

The birthday girl is the trendy, updated sort who likes to go out much, something of an adventerous eater and has a dislike for anything too high-class or posh.

One of her friends is from a very wealthy family but has distanced herself from them, and has the food preferences of a four-years-old. She knows the city back and front but hadn't been there much in a few years. Her boyfriend is from a mid-sized California town, of Asian decent, visiting New York for the first time in his life. He's the youngest of the lot.

I want them to go somewhere fashionable and cool - what with an upbeat birthday girl and a wide-eyed tourist - but not too flashy or ridiculously high-end. (Though it may be assumed that money is of no issue.)

Thank you!
mexican monster

Spirit Gum

How much does it hurt to remove something that's been stuck on with spirit gum? A comparison would be nice - as much as stubbing your toe? As a light pinch? As hitting yourself with a hammer?

(Tried Google: how much does it hurt to remove something stuck on with spirit gum, spirit gum pain, spirit gum hurt.)

(Setting, although I'm going to be delightfully surprised if it matters, is Pittsburgh, PA, USA, now.)