August 9th, 2008


Patient's experiences with hypothermia and treatment

Hi there!  I've done a few searches (mostly focused on the objective stuff like "What treatment is required?" because subjective experiences are hard to google) and while I'm very, very confident that I can work out what happens to my character, what I can't work out is what it would feel like to them. 

Important Details
  • primary hypothermia caused by exposure to cold air and water (through a storm)
  • body temperature drops to about 32 C/89.6 F
  • character lost consciousness before the hypothermic symptoms started due to exhaustion.
  • character is in their early teens, very active, no previous experience with hypothermia (I don't think the gender matters too much for treatment, but it's a girl.)
  • character received the usual emergency treatment things that hours of googling tells me they should get, but was still hospitalised for a few days because ... that's what my google searches also tells me what happens.
So my questions are:
  1. what kind of hospital treatment do they receive and when? I've been using this as a general guide but while it gives me a feeling, it doesn't tell me when it begins (is it in the ambulance?  At the hospital? When does it stop?).
  2. what does it feel like to the patient to experience hypothermia and treatment?
Thank you all for your time!

Tom Sawyer and Prayers

Setting: The canon of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," by Mark Twain.
Searched: All sorts of stuff.  I've looked for anything about Mark Twain's religion, and read some articles on Tom Sawyer.  I have googled variations of "Protestant evening prayers," "evening prayers," "children's prayers," etc.  I found some information about Calvinism, which appears to be the most likely branch of Protestantism that they practice.  All my personal knowledge of religion is Catholic, and therefore not very useful.

My question:
What prayers would Tom Sawyer say before bed?  Would Protestant children at that time have had a specific prayer to say, or would it have been more improvised?

Thanks for any help.

Edit: Looks like I'll be going with "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" or something improvised...thank you all for your help.
hanson: 1440 hours in my day

Cannibalism and disease transmission.

Setting: London, England in 1888

I'm wondering how a person would be affected if they were to, after killing someone, consume that person's kidney, if the victim was suffering from nephritis or a similar disease affecting the kidneys. The kidney will likely be fried before being eaten, if that makes a difference.

I've googled the subject, using various combinations of the following words: cannibalism, kidneys, nephritis, disease transmission. I have found some articles that seem to suggest that in a one-on-one cannibalistic event like this disease transmission is unlikely. I'm wondering if the fact that my cannibal is eating the diseased organ in particular will make a difference in the probability. I can't find any articles that answer that question.

Any help is appreciated.

Humans in a hill

Hello there. This is my first post here, heh.

- "humans live in a hill" on Goggle, here.
- "humans lived in a hill" on Google, here.
- "humans live in a hill" on, here.
- "humans lived in a hill" on, here.
- Other website pages I visited and they were not helpful, either.

Okay.. I tried to find a something that I want to research on. It's about humans used to live in a hill, like a homeplace, a long time ago. But I didn't remember where they were from, so with that reason, during my high school time, I was read a historal magazine (maybe national global or something) and I found it very interest about humans who were used to live in a hill many many years ago.
Later, after my gradution, I am doing with my novel book and I want to make something different... somehow, one thing popped out on my mind: "humans lived in a hill." I want to research that again but I don't remember where they were from and how they did build a 'inside home hill'. I tried to find some information about that so Google,, and other website pages are not helpful; they're just off-topic about houses on hills, diseases, and etc etc. That is not what I look for... >_<;;

Will somebody help me to find that information, please?
Thank you. =)


- DarkCougar555

**EDIT: I found many good information and statistics about that. It's pretty easier to find them than I thought. Thank you so many!! I just couldn't remember what it call but I now know what it is, heh.

Okay, I have one last question:
Can underground homes (or other kind of subterranean livings) live near oceans?
Reasons - After I found some links, I now tried to find some places may live near bay, ocean, or others. Seemingly, there are no places could live near the waters unless I may overlook somewhere else on internet. I'd been searched like almost an hour and half. lol **

EDIT II: I got everything I need. Thank you so much for information, resouces and links! I really appreciate it. =D