August 5th, 2008

Fraternization question USAF between a Major and a Captain

Newbie here. I'm writing my first fanfic it's SGA about Major Evan Lorne, I have him in a romantic situation with a Captain. Although she is not directly under his command, she does work at the SGC in Daniel Jackson's Archeology department. They have been on off-world assignments together, but she was not reporting to him, he was strictly an additional gun because of the circumstances. I do have them behaving completely professional when they are at work and around other military people and they both take their jobs very seriously.

 Being that she does not report directly to him, would their relationship still be frowned upon? 

Hope that's enough info I look forward to any help.

mid 19th century clothing AND layout of a manse

Searched: mid 19th century woman's dress, mid 19th century dutch women's clothes, mid 19th century man's clothes, mid 19th century dutch man's outfit, both of the first with Denmark, both with Copenhagen, and all with "19th century" and "1840's to 1850's"; for the second question, I searched Dutch arcitecture of the 1800s and before, manse in Denmark/outside Copenhagen, and manor outside Copenhagen

When: 1844 through 1846 (with a brief postscript in 1855)

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

1) Can anyone give me a detailed description or a good site with lots of pictures of what my rich, widowed Dutch woman (Maria, 29 in 1844) would be wearing, as well as her sons (Aksel and Edvin, 11 and 8 respectively) and younger brother (Folke, 16) would be wearing? I have a vauge idea of what Søren should be wearing, but help with what an eccentric early-30 year old man would wear would also be helpful.

2) I need a layout for the house that Maria runs (her parent's died, and Folke isn't old enough to legally take it over; because she's a widow, she had returned home anyway, but her son Aksel will inherit her late husband's house if she does remarry which she does, but only after Aksel inherits his father's house). I use the word "manse" and "manor" because it is a European country after all, and they do have quite a bit of land and servants and whatnot, but their family is not the richest thing out there (today they would be considered in the middle of the Upper Class). I know there would be a large foyer, a study, a library/music room, at least four bedrooms, a parlor off the nursery, and that it would probably be two stories high or more, but if there is some site out there and/or somebody knows the layout of a good, old "manse", I'd like to be able to give myself a walking tour of the Ludvigsen House.

ETA: Erk, yeah, I meant Danish. I, uh, have issues with which is from Denmark and which is from the Netherlands. This is possibly why I was getting so frustrated with not finding what I wanted, oops.

English Attitudes Towards Irish People in the 1800s/Obtaining Firearms in 1800s England

The story is set in the 1800s in England, or more specifically in 1837, close to the time of Queen Victoria's coronation. I have two male characters, D and L. D is not from Earth, but is convincingly English seeming enough. L is very much Irish and most likely has a distinct accent. To add to that, he's from five hundred-ish years in the future, and the whole thing is a big culture shock to him.

I've done a lot of Google searches using various combinations of 'irish', 'immigrants' 'attitudes towards' 'england 1800s' and looked through all the 1800s tags. I have a lot of useful information on other things, but getting specifics is difficult.

Basically, what was the average Englishperson's attitude towards Irish people? I'm assuming they'd basically stereotype them, but would an Irish person be able to go around London without being beaten up? I know it's vague, but I'm not sure how to write this.

Second question- how easy would it be for a regular person (L) to obtain a gun and ammunition? L does not know any contacts and has no money, D disapproves of that sort of thing and I don't know how readily available guns were back then. At the moment I'm assuming that the chances are pretty slim, and I'd rather not pull something out of my rear end to get him a gun.

Thanks in advance.

ETA: Thanks everyone, and sorry for the crap question. I figure as long as L doesn't go around announcing that he's Irish no-one'll notice. As for the gun, either bartering or stealing, if they're easily available. Thanks again.
25 May

Age of Ghost Story

Setting: modern-day, an unnamed university on the East Coast
Researched: "ribbon ghost story" and variations thereof.  Have found many versions of the story, but no original source or age.

There is a ghost story that I heard in my childhood about a girl who always wears a ribbon around her neck (it's either red, yellow, or black, depending on the version).   On her deathbed, the ribbon is finally removed, and the girl's head falls off. 

How old is that story?  Would someone in his forties or fifties have heard it in his youth, or is it too new?

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Looks like variations of this go back quite a while.  Thank you all very much for your assistance!